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Hyperice Partners With Pro Pickleball Association To Combat Injuries

Hyperice Partners With Pro Pickleball Association To Combat Injuries

Hyperice has forged a strategic partnership with the Carvana Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), becoming its official recovery technology partner.

Pickleball is in high demand, with over 36.5 million adults playing the addictive sport last year, although not without incident. While the net sport has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts both young and old, pickleball has led to over 19,000 estimated injuries in one year, mainly in the 50+ age group. 

Aside from common injuries such as sprains and strains, pickleball can also hurt the wallet. UBS analysts recently released a research note that estimates Americans may spend up to $500 million due to pickleball injuries this year.

credit: PAA/Hyperice

Enter Hyperice, a brand that offers an array of high-tech recovery products. The partnership will see Hyperice provide access to its recovery tech products on pickleball courts, training rooms and player lounges during tournaments. Hyperice has also collaborated with Select Medical, which provides physical therapy for the PPA Tour, treating players on-site. 

“With the soaring rise in popularity of pickleball, aligning with the PPA Tour to deliver best-in-class solutions for elite athletes further extends Hyperice’s awareness throughout the sports landscape,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “The growing pickleball community is driven by the inclusive nature of the participatory sport, and (it’s) one that people of all ages, athletic abilities and sport-specific skill levels have gotten involved with. As we continue to broaden our reach and deliver products that help anyone move better and feel at their best, pickleball, and specifically the PPA Tour, has created an incredible environment to further introduce individuals to our brand and products.”

Connor Pardoe, founder and CEO of the PPA Tour, says that joining forces with Hyperice is a natural fit, noting that while pickleball is incredibly fun, it can be demanding on the body. 

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“The fact that Hyperice products are readily available for professionals and amateurs alike at PPA Tour events means that players will be better equipped to handle the rigors of tournament play and enjoy everything that our best-in-class competitions have to offer,” Pardoe said. “Knowing that Hyperice is always there to help will definitely be a source of comfort for any player on-site who needs a boost during or after a long, hard day on the courts.”

Fans attending the PPA tour can also check out and purchase Hyperice products at the PPA merchandise tent at the tournaments. The recovery products are also available for purchase at Pickleball Central

In addition to its pickleball push, Hyperice has signed several deals with notable athletes and pro sports leagues, including the NBA and NFL. The recovery company is also working with fitness wearable maker Whoop to better understand recovery.

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