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MyFitnessPal Launches Pregnancy Nutrition Program

MyFitnessPal Launches Pregnancy Nutrition Program

MyFitnessPal partnered with fitness expert and expectant mom Deja Riley to develop a plan to help ease pregnancy symptoms and increase energy

Many pregnant women focus their energy on how to provide nutrition and sustenance for their growing babies, often forgetting to take care of themselves. To combat such behavior and promote a more holistic approach to pregnancy, MyFitnessPal has launched a weeklong program in partnership with fitness expert Deja Riley called “Eating for Pregnancy.” The program offers daily tips, food ideas and recipe recommendations from the company’s registered dietitians and mothers. 

Deja Riley, a former professional dancer and a current inclusion, diversity, equity and action (IDEA) representative for Lululemon, is committed to reframing the focus on mothers.

“Throughout pregnancy, it’s important to track and follow the baby’s progress but it’s also important to put some of the focus back on mom – making sure we’re taking care of ourselves properly, from nutrition to simply carving out time for self-care,” Riley said. “MyFitnessPal makes it easy to track food choices, water intake and movement and doing so has helped me identify choices that directly impact my mood and energy.”

credit: MyFitnessPal

Eating for Pregnancy helps users navigate common issues during pregnancy, like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, exercise, fatigue and cravings. Changing hormones can influence energy, mood, and symptoms, while iron-packed prenatal vitamins can slow down digestion.

Riley also shares many of her favorite modified fitness movements as part of the program so women can stay active and healthy during pregnancy. 

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“This isn’t an eating program. It’s a plan that offers real-life strategies to help navigate a time that can feel both overwhelming and exciting, not only for those who are pregnant for the first time, but even experienced moms, because every pregnancy is unique,” said Stephanie Nelson, a MyFitnessPal in-house registered dietitian.

The Eating for Pregnancy plan is now available on MyFitnessPal and can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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