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How SoulCycle got stuck spinning its wheels

How SoulCycle got stuck spinning its wheels

It could have been the battle of the bikes.

If only SoulCycle had been able to get its highly anticipated exercise bike to market in time to meet the demand of its enthusiastic (bordering on obsessive) riders, who, because of the coronavirus pandemic, have been unable to go to any of the company’s 99 studios, closed since March.

Instead, many turned to Peloton, the at-home cycling company, for their fitness fix. Even the most “ride or die” SoulCycle goers who took hundreds of classes per year, paying $36 (U.S.) — sometimes $72 for a double — to bop up and down on a stationary bike in a dark, candlelit room while an instructor bellowed positive affirmations.

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“SoulCycle is now late to the market,” said Winnie Clark, 33, an advertising creative director quarantining with her family in West Palm Beach, Fla. Last year, Clark spent more than $5,000 on SoulCycle classes… READ MORE @ The Star

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