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Fashion Meets Health with Gucci x Oura $950 Smart Ring

Fashion Meets Health with Gucci x Oura $950 Smart Ring

The smart ring wearable collaboration merges high fashion & wellness

Leave it to a high-end luxury brand to reinvent a health wearable and emphasize a timeless style. Gucci and Oura have teamed up to release a wearable tech ring that merges style with wellness with an 18k gold Gucci x Oura ring.


The ring is now available for purchase on Gucci’s site and comes at a time when wearable tech has been named the top fitness trend of 2022.

“A new journey begins,” Gucci teased on Twitter earlier this week. The major fashion brand then released a :30 second spot depicting the wellness ring on a daily journey – and a posh one, at that. The ring is shown in the clip alongside other well-known Gucci pieces.

The Gucci x Oura ring, priced at $950, has an interlocking G design on a Titanium band with an 18k yellow gold braided trim. The band is recommended to be worn on the index finger.

The Gucci x Oura ring will analyze sleep fitness, nightly and daytime heart rate, and provide guided audio sessions and videos, as well as 24/7 heart rate monitoring and seven temperature sensors.


Gucci describes the smart ring as a device that allows the wearer to own their potential.

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“Once placed on the finger, every minute of every day becomes an opportunity to better understand the self as the ring translates the body’s hidden signals in the Oura App. A dialogue between mind and body is thus sparked, gradually revealing a full expression of the self,” the product story reads.

With one million rings sold, Oura announced last month that the company is now valued at $2.55 billion.

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