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How Form’s Co-Founders Use Social Media To Build a Winning Fitness Brand

How Form’s Co-Founders Use Social Media To Build a Winning Fitness Brand

While Form was initially created to leverage Sami Clarke’s large social media following, it has evolved into a fitness brand capable of standing on its own with offerings including workout content, activewear and more

Form was created in 2021 by Sami Clarke, a fitness influencer who gained a large and dedicated following for her Pilates-like workouts that are mostly under thirty minutes long. As her following grew, she brought in Sami Bernstein Spalter, a marketing executive, to build out the business.

Over the past year, Form’s membership has grown by 300%, and the “Samis” have also launched a podcast in partnership with Dear Media called “Transform,” where the pair share tips on wellness practices. 

Clarke grew up dancing but moved to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue a career in modeling. During the pandemic, Clarke built out her Instagram and YouTube fanbase to nearly one million followers and joined forces with Bernstein (now Spalter) to bring Form to life. A Forbes ’30 Under 30′ honoree for her work as an influencer marketing executive at Markett, Spalter’s personal wellness journey helped her lose more than eighty pounds and inspired her to join Form. 

The Form platform began with just workout videos but has since responded to feedback from the Form community to include nutrition, activewear, and more.

“We now provide self-guided meditations, affirmations, weekly recipes, meal plans, and local WhatsApp groups for members to connect,” Clarke tells Athletech News. “Additionally, we introduced merch and eventually launched our activewear line.” 

Sami Clarke (credit: FORM)

Form’s weekly workout schedule can be either purely Pilates or strength workouts or a combination of both. Users can also search the workout library based on workout type and length. Form releases new content each week, including workouts and healthy recipes. 

Because the brand was born from social media, Form extensively uses platform data to inform business decisions.

“We heavily rely on social media to guide our brand decisions, with the majority of our marketing efforts directed towards our social channels,” Spalter shares with ATN. “Regularly analyzing engagement metrics helps us understand which content is resonating with our audience and informs our strategy accordingly.”

“We’re really lucky that our community is continually sharing on social media where they are working out, what they’re wearing while they work out, and more,” Spalter says. “Additionally, we’ve started placing more focus on email marketing.” 

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Sami Bernstein Spalter (credit: FORM)

Form’s latest release was in activewear. The brand’s first activewear line sold out in just ninety minutes, and the second line dropped on April 8th. Informed by feedback from Clarke’s social media followers and activewear trends, the line features neutral blue, brown, pink and black hues. Form will be launching new activewear lines monthly in response to follower demand. 

Although Form is driven by her social media presence, Clarke noted the importance of a consumer brand having an identity separate from her life as an influencer.

“It’s essential for the brand to have its own identity, capable of standing independently even if the influencer’s involvement were to change,” Clarke says.

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