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F45, Whoop Partner for Fitness Tracking Challenge, Free Products

F45, Whoop Partner for Fitness Tracking Challenge, Free Products

The Mark Wahlberg-backed fitness franchise is encouraging members to grab a free Whoop 4.0 band and join its 45-day challenge

F45 Training, the Mark Wahlberg-backed functional fitness franchise, has teamed up with human performance company Whoop for an upcoming 45-day challenge starting Oct. 23. The functional fitness brand is the first studio to integrate Whoop tracking.

The F45 Challenge, which follows the brand’s recent Wahlberg Week, inspires participants to adopt healthy habits for the long haul by tracking recovery and sleep, thereby witnessing the connection between their actions and their fitness performance.

Those new to Whoop can join the challenge and sign up for a complimentary one-month trial and a free Whoop 4.0 band. The wearable band provides performance coaching based on self-reported behavior tracking that spans nutrition and mental health. In turn, Whoop provides insight into how behaviors impact physiological data.

The human performance wearable company recently introduced an advanced generative AI feature, Whoop Coach, for highly personalized health and nutrition guidance.

credit: Whoop

F45 Challenge participants can track their workouts in real-time, from intensity and calories burned and then receive a personalized analysis of their sleep performance and recovery to gauge preparedness for their next F45 session

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Whoop owners who join the challenge can still participate in regional Whoop leaderboards at participating studios, while all F45 members will receive exclusive discounts on Whoop Smart Apparel, such as speed tights, shorts, boxers and bralettes. 

“We encourage all members to order their complimentary Whoop device as part of our F45 Challenge and one-month free Whoop trial to better track their overall wellness goals, both during their in-studio workouts and the remaining 23 hours of the day,” said Tom Dowd, F45 CEO. “Join us starting Oct. 23 for a fitness challenge that is approachable for everyone across all fitness levels, with the F45 community rallying behind your every success.”

F45 voluntarily delisted from the New York Stock Exchange this summer to focus on long-term growth and strengthen its relationships with franchisees.

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