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F45 Unveils New Workout Series Created by Mark Wahlberg

F45 Unveils New Workout Series Created by Mark Wahlberg

Those new to F45 are able to give Wahlberg Week a whirl with free classes showcasing seven new workouts

It’s that time of year again: Wahlberg Week, F45 Training’s signature workout event inspired by celebrity investor and chief marketing officer Mark Wahlberg, has officially begun at participating F45 studios worldwide.

The event, running from October 2 to October 8, will spotlight seven new workouts personally created by Wahlberg, including cardio, strength and hybrid training.

“I encourage everyone to join me in the best workout series of their lives, and to see the health benefits in and out of the studio,” Wahlberg said. “The supportive community that members experience at any F45 studio is just as powerful as the workouts themselves.”

F45 CEO Tom Dowd noted that Wahlberg’s enthusiasm and energy come from his love of exercise and inspiring others.

“His workouts always deliver an unforgettable week of fitness,” Dowd said. “The best part of Wahlberg Week goes beyond the exercises themselves; it’s about offering everyone across all fitness levels an approachable challenge that’s sure to encourage and empower them to achieve their personal results and fitness goals.”

Here is a run-down of the 45-minute classes available during Wahlberg Week: 

  • Monday, October 2: Underdog (Cardio)
    • With an eye towards cardiovascular endurance, perform five to ten pushups before beginning the work set, overloading the chest and keeping the heart rate high.
  • Tuesday, October 3: High Roller (Resistance)
    • Experience accumulative lower body finishers by, directly after completing a 10-repetition maximum effort, adding five to ten squats to each set throughout the entire workout.
  • Wednesday, October 4: Patriot (Cardio)
    • Cardio-based workout that includes time to focus on recovering the heart rate, measuring heart rate recovery during hydration breaks. Beats per minute will be recorded at the start and end of each two-minute hydration break, with the difference between the two recordings serving as the key metric to track.
  • Thursday, October 5: Southpaw (Resistance)
    • Muscular endurance is the aim of this workout – push through the muscle fatigue in the longer working sets and calculate maximum repetitions. Complete an activation exercise followed by the main endurance maximum repetition lift.
  • Friday, October 6: Swagger (Hybrid)
    • Strive for strong and explosive movements in this session and overload the core. This power-based workout will have four testing stations – Bike Erg, Rower, Ski Erg and Broad Jump – with strategic core focus and overload at each ‘B’ station.
  • Saturday, October 7: Blue Arrow (Hybrid)
    • A hybrid-style workout with an inner pod and outer pod, combining teamwork and individual perseverance. The inner pod is a team-based relay while the outer pod is an individual racetrack-style workout.
  • Sunday, October 8: Horizon (Full Body)
    • Provides lifting sets with a recovery sequence finish, incorporating Intermittent Dynamic Recovery – a series of exercises followed by mobility and rest.

To give the promotion a competitive aspect, points will be allocated based on performance during each workout and a weekly total, which fitness fans can track via the F45 Challenge app. Guests and F45 members can also share their results for bragging rights or for fun with others using the app.

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F45 Looks Ahead

Aside from Wahlberg Week, the functional fitness franchise recently gave its website a makeover and boosted its digital presence following its decision to go dark on Wall Street.

F45 stated that its decision to delist from the New York Stock Exchange would allow its management and staff to focus on long-term growth and strengthening its relationships with franchisees and vendors without the distraction of financial results and stock price movements.

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