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F45 To Offer Hyrox Workouts as Part of New Partnership

F45 To Offer Hyrox Workouts as Part of New Partnership

As an official training partner, F45 studios worldwide can offer their members Hyrox workouts, preferential access to races and more

With both brands developing innovative functional training workouts, Hyrox, the fitness racing pioneer, and F45 Training, known for its 45-minute HIIT sessions, have much in common. The sides are now partners, inking a two-year agreement that will see F45 serve as Hyrox’s official training partner. 

The deal will bring Hyrox workouts to members at all participating F45 studios minus those in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. 

Hyrox signature workouts will be made available every week for F45 members, whether they’re aiming to partake in future Hyrox races or just want a fresh exercise experience. F45 members can also join exclusive ‘Hyrox x F45 Training Run Clubs’ and beat the crowd by signing up for races with “early-bird” access.

“Given F45 Training’s leading role in studio-led functional exercise and high-intensity interval training, Hyrox perfectly complements our approach in the realm of fitness races as it combines both elements in a new and fresh way,” said Tom Dowd, CEO of F45.

“As we work closely together, we see opportunities for continued global expansion supporting communities in achieving their health and fitness goals,” Dowd added. 

Hyrox launched in 2017 and hosted its first event a year later. The brand hosts races that are typically held indoors in large exhibition halls, and feature eight cycles of one-kilometer runs, each of which is broken up by a functional workout where participants perform movements like sled pushes, farmer’s carries and sandbag lunges. 

credit: Hyrox/F45 Training

With its events being mass-participation indoor competitions, the COVID-19 pandemic naturally posed a large threat during the brand’s initial years. Hyrox persisted through, hosting events in over 60 different cities across the globe as of last year. 

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Hyrox founder and CEO Christian Toetzke has told Athletech News the brand aims to become the “marathon of fitness,” offering an experience akin to mass-participation running events but for gym enthusiasts. 

Toronto is next on the brand’s itinerary, with Hyrox recently announcing its first-ever race in Canada set to take place in October 2024. The brand has seen a 1,081% growth over the past five years as well as a 233% year-on-year increase in Google searches accompanied by 55.6 million views on TikTok under the #hyrox hashtag. The race is affiliated with over 2,500 gyms worldwide as of February 2024. 

The partnership with F45 – one of the biggest brands in boutique fitness – promises to increase that momentum.

“We’ve already seen a great uptake within the F45 Training community at Hyrox races, so as Hyrox spreads across the globe, having F45 Training on board as a partner further enables people of all fitness levels the opportunity to be introduced and train for Hyrox in a safe, non-intimidating and informed environment,” said Douglas Gremmen, global head of Hyrox365 and managing director of Hyrox North America.

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