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Les Mills Takes Virtual Fitness Up a Notch With XR Dance

Les Mills Takes Virtual Fitness Up a Notch With XR Dance

The new Meta Quest 3 game uses hologram versions of professional dancers, which Les Mills says is a first for VR fitness

Les Mills has launched Les Mills XR Dance, a new virtual reality app for Meta Quest 3 which the company says is the world’s first VR fitness game to bring professional dancers into your living room.

Les Mills XR Dance allows users to progress through three levels of difficulty across 25 different modern dance routines. While many dance games rely on avatars, XR Dance uses hologram versions of professional dancers. Its lineup includes Gandalf Archer Mills and Bianca Ikinofo, who trained with choreographer Parris Goebel and who has collaborated with artists like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. 

“This game is for anyone who’s interested in dance and loves to have a great time,” Gandalf Archer Mills said. “Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll get a great cardio workout and an authentic dance experience.”

“There’s a great legacy of dance gaming and many of us have fond memories of growing up playing things like the dance mat and Nintendo Wii,” he added. “We wanted to build on that but completely reinvent it, so we’ve combined cutting-edge tech with killer choreography to take dance gaming into a different dimension.”

With XR Dance, Les Mills builds on its success with Bodycombat, the New Zealand-based company’s first fitness game for Meta Quest. 3. Similar to Bodycombat, XR Dance can be performed in a full VR environment or mixed reality experience. Les Mills worked with Odders, an XR gaming specialist studio, and Monstercat, known for its collaborations with games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and Beat Saber.

Targeting Gen Z

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Les Mills is seizing the growing momentum of VR fitness; many consumers who struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym, or merely want a gamified and engaging fitness experience at home have turned to virtual reality fitness.

The company is also focused on increasing its appeal to Gen Z, which it’s been targeting through its venture into the Metaverse, with Les Mills Live events and other initiatives. Les Mills partnered with Adidas earlier this year on a strength-focused workout inspired by Pilates, barre, and power yoga, as research demonstrates that many 16 to 26-year-olds prefer strength training as their top workout. The company also released a campaign with “Ted Lasso” star Brett Goldstein to target younger consumers. 

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