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Christine Day Aims to Shake Up Fashion World Again with LR&C

Christine Day Aims to Shake Up Fashion World Again with LR&C

Former Lululemon CEO Christine Day has taken her penchant for athleticwear to the next level with a unique hybrid sales approach to capture retail magic for her clothing brand, The House of LR&C. 

There’s no denying Lululemon’s staying power in the world of athletic apparel. In the first quarter of 2021, the brand’s revenue rose 88 percent, surpassing predicted estimated numbers by analysts. With Lululemon on a successful incline, the company’s former CEO, Christine Day, has her sights set on elevating her own clothing venture, the multi-brand fashion house The House of LR&C.

Former Lululemon CEO Christine Day

Day’s next steps for the fashion house are focusing on a unique wholesale and direct-to-consumer (DTC) hybrid strategy for bigger growth of all LR&C brands.

“Wholesale margins are half of DTC margins. But wholesale still has a lot of value. We’ve been able to work with Nordstrom and Kohl’s to hit our minimum buys, which helps us turn inventory into cash quicker,” she tells Glossy. “[That] can then be used toward our DTC business.”

Day advises startups focusing on DTC sales to think carefully before going the wholesale route. She gives her own example, saying she works with a wholesale-first mindset so that it becomes possible.

Christine Day, along with Grammy winner Ciara and Ciara’s husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, created The House of LR&C last year. The trio’s company launched brands LITA and Human Nation (described as “Lululemon meets Supreme”), and included Wilson’s Good Man clothing brand.

The House of LR&C is more than an outlet of creativity and retail – it’s also founded on the premise of giving back.

“We continually look for opportunities to not only donate to worthy causes but to amplify voices, support individuals, communities and positive initiatives focused on inclusivity, environmental responsibility and social justice,” reads the company’s mission statement.

Three percent of each purchase goes towards the Wilsons’ Why Not You Foundation dedicated to fighting poverty via the education and empowerment of children. 

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The former Performance Kitchen CEO also believes having Ciara and Russell as the faces of LR&C will exponentially help to drive the marketing and economic growth of the brand. But beyond dollar signs lies a philanthropic will for all parties with a need to encourage sustainability.

“In the end, my goal is to finally squeeze out some of the fast-fashion companies that I think have taken advantage of the environment and the factory workers,” declared Day to Yahoo Finance.  

“It’s about raising the bar,” said Christine Day.

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