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Xplor Acquires Membr, Expanding Gym Software Biz

Xplor Acquires Membr, Expanding Gym Software Biz

With Membr in the fold, Xplor plans to accelerate the development of Xplor Gym, its software solution for gyms and health clubs

Xplor Technologies is expanding its software push into the big-box gym and health club space. The global supplier of tech-based tools, embedded payments and commerce-accelerating programs for everyday businesses has acquired Membr, a top management software platform for gyms and health clubs.

With the Membr acquisition, Xplor will enhance and expand Xplor Gym, its software offering for gyms and health clubs. It’s a major step taking Xplor beyond the boutique studio arena where the company has already made a name for itself with Mariana Tek

Xplor Gym serves as a platform for member and client relationship management, booking, operations, and reporting. It also supplies members with a native mobile app. 

“Our decision to acquire Membr reflects our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions to gyms and health clubs across the globe,” said Ieuan Owen, chief revenue officer, fitness and wellbeing, at Xplor. “Membr is a fast-growing, highly competitive gym management solution, proven and trusted by premium fitness brands.”

“As our new Xplor Gym solution, we will accelerate product development and investment, and grow our global footprint as our mutual customers enter new markets,” Owen added.

Ieuan Owen (credit: Xplor Technologies)

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With over 2,000 gyms in 25 countries and four continents already trusting Membr to support their day-to-day operations, Xplor is reeling in a major fitness industry player.

Jack Malin and Dave Rushton founded Membr in 2015. It quickly rose to prominence, attracting industry giants such as Anytime Fitness, Life Fitness and JD gyms. Malin will remain the company’s CEO and lead the Membr team as they report to Xplor. 

“We are thrilled to have joined Xplor Technologies as a trusted growth platform for multi-market gyms and health clubs,” Malin said. “Whether a gym operates in Tokyo, London, Chicago or Sydney, our promise to customers remains the same. Intuitive software, exceptional service, and an experienced global team that will help you scale your business and deliver a consistently engaging experience in all the markets you operate in.” 

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