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New Strength-Only Model World Gym Legacy to Maximize Fitness Results

New Strength-Only Model World Gym Legacy to Maximize Fitness Results

World Gym International is launching the strength-only fitness format, which will offer “selfie rooms”

California-based fitness franchise World Gym International is going to introduce a new fitness model called World Gym Legacy, which focuses on strength and maximizing results, in the coming weeks. The iconic fitness brand says that the new format will meet the needs of serious fitness consumers while providing new and existing franchisees with a smaller footprint and solid revenue foundation.

The fitness franchise brand has been reflecting on the recent transitions in the fitness industry and says it has come up with a cutting-edge offering. “The world is changing, and so are the needs and demands of our consumers,” says Jarrod Saracco, COO of World Gym International. “Many have shifted to some sort of hybrid workout routine and invested in home fitness products, or have taken up running, pickleball and other outdoor activities, leading to a shift in what they are looking for in a gym membership. This new strength-focused gym model is a game changer with a lasting competitive advantage.”

The new World Gym Legacy format is one of the two new fitness formats that are going to be introduced. It was thoughtfully designed to have a smaller footprint and is intended to fit where population demographics and/or bigger real estate would not make it possible to open and run a more traditional World Gym franchise. 

“This new model also allows for greater operational efficiency and drives profitability faster, allowing new franchisees to enter the fitness industry at a lower level of financial commitment, and giving existing franchisees an additional opportunity to expand into different markets,” Saracco explained. 

According to World Gym, the new spaces will range in size from 7,500 to 10,000 square feet, reducing wasted space and resources. The new model will also reduce operational costs and initial investments for new World Gym franchise owners.

Founded in 1976, the fitness brand continues to pay homage to Santa Monica’s famous Muscle Beach, which is embedded in the company’s history.

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In the World Gym Legacy model, a training floor for serious strength seekers will include free weights, racks, platforms, plate loaded machines, cables, and selectorized machines.

World Gym Legacy features will also include a large turf area and self-powered cardio equipment. There will also be individual changing and shower rooms (instead of traditional locker rooms), private recovery rooms, and a modified Barbell Café. A “selfie room” will also be available, offering a secure space with the appropriate lighting and backdrops for sharing post-workout pics on social media.

The fitness brand, which already has 230 franchise locations on six continents, also revealed that it is pursuing an aggressive expansion plan in North America and abroad, with several new gyms currently under construction.

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