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Trainer Talks: How Kira Stokes Built a Top Fitness Brand

Trainer Talks: How Kira Stokes Built a Top Fitness Brand

Founder of KSFit and The Stoked Method, Kira Stokes prides herself on a science-backed approach to fitness and long-term business planning

Trainer Kira Stokes has 28 years of experience in the fitness industry and more than 11 certifications, but is seemingly only getting started. She created The Stoked Method, a fitness approach focused on precise movement patterns and a deep mind-body connection. It offers a diverse range of workouts, from the high-intensity “Stoked Shred” Series to the strength-focused “Stoked Strength” Series and the fusion of Pilates, barre, and mobility exercises in the “Stoked AthletiCORE” Series.

The Stoked Method is part of the larger Kira Stokes Ecosystem, offering a suite of products and tools to guide individuals on a holistic wellness journey. From the KSFit app to KSFit Fuel, a nutritional guidance program, and a line of products and gear, each element is meticulously planned with science in mind.  

At almost fifty years old, Stokes shows no signs of slowing down. Athletech News spoke with Stokes about her background, the guiding principles behind her workouts and brand, and what’s next for KSFit.

The following conversation has been lightly edited for clarity and length.

Athletech News: What got you interested in pursuing this career path? 

Kira Stokes: In my sophomore year at Boston College, I had an epiphany. I wanted to make fitness, my passion, into my profession. It started in a dorm room where I would gather my roommates. Before we went out, I’d get everyone in the common room and do “Buns of Steel.” At the same time, I’d be coaching them aside from just watching the video. I truly fell in love with coaching others. I just loved how it made others feel and how it made them feel. I felt like I could use my background in psychology in a really positive way.

People can figure out more of what is going on with them while they’re moving versus when they’re static. I didn’t know I would teach group fitness at that time, but when you do personal training, you are really like a psychiatrist. As their body warms up, so does their brain and their capacity to express themselves. I wanted to make someone healthy and feel their best internally and externally – help them through whatever they want to work through.

Now, for my workouts, each move purposefully flows into the next. It is science-backed and feels really amazing. It is connected to your mind and your body, and it keeps you really focused throughout the entire workout. There is a continuous flow of movement. As the app has evolved and the subscriber base has increased, it’s been amazing to get the feedback that they don’t have to look at the screen; they can just listen, and they feel amazing from the flow of movement.

ATN: How did you build the KSFit brand?

KS: The same methodology I use with training is the way the KSFit brand came to life — gradual and sustained progression and improvements over the course of the last 28 years.  From my personal training days in Boston to the now global-reaching brand that includes the KSFit App,  the Stoked line of products and gear, and KSFit Fuel (the monthly nutrition plan offering), each arm of the business has been built brick-by-brick. It was not an overnight sensation, but rather a strong focus on incremental growth and staying true to the Stoked Method and who I was as a trainer. It was also imperative that I keep a strong pulse on the community we’ve built and really listen to what Stoked athletes were craving and needing.

I think it’s important to first identify what your brand is. The number one thing is to take the time to gain the knowledge and the education to have the skills behind you. My brand has evolved over time but it hasn’t changed. Honing your method and understanding what made your training different than others is really important. When you have a methodology, it has to be something you stand by 100%.

From a business mindset, I know the importance of having functional and portable equipment. I thought: why not create my own equipment? I wanted a beautiful aesthetic and colored equipment. It fits in with your décor, it’s not an eyesore. I wanted it to appeal to both males and females. It was important that the brand color was seafoam green because I get most of my inspiration from the water. There is meaning behind everything I do. The product development had to be of the highest quality and make people want to use them. That’s something that I’ve really relied on my team for. It took so long to find brands that were of good quality, and I realized I couldn’t do all of this. I have to be hands-off with some things. You do have to let go and trust that your team will provide you with what you need.

credit: Kira Stokes

ATN: What sets KSFit apart from the competition?

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KS: We’re not just offering another workout — we’re offering an entire ecosystem of fitness and wellness products to live as your healthiest and happiest self. Every tool is science-backed with almost three decades of expertise and science built in — from the Kira Stokes Fit app to KSFit Fuel to the Stoked line of products and gear. We also offer diverse and quality expertise from leaders in every field. KSFit Fuel partners with acclaimed nutritionist Dr. Jamie Schehr to cut through the noise of “dieting gimmicks” and give you easy steps to eat better to fuel your workouts and your healthy lifestyle.

On top of all of this, the Stoked community are some of the most encouraging, inviting, and engaging humans on the planet. Of all the products, accolades, and work put in, this community is what I am most proud of and what I feel truly sets us apart from any other fitness offering out there. There is nowhere else where you get this level of content and community at such an affordable price. 

ATN: How did you shift from individual training to group training, and then into digital content? 

KS: What’s always hard is when you are trying to impact a large amount of people; no two bodies are the same. As a trainer who does specific programming for each person, the programming has to make sense for everyone doing the app. You have to find a way to program for the weakest and strongest person in the room. There are certain movements that just won’t translate on the app. There are certain moves that you may see me do with a client that you will never see on the app because the mass population probably can’t be expected to do that.

When you create quality content, it never goes out of style. The content that was on the app since day 1 is still on the app from last week. It might just be a little more foundational. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s timeless. There’s no gimmick. It’s not a fad. It’s science-backed. It makes sense for the person who is just subscribing to the app today to do Stoked in 7 and then progress to Super Stoked in 7, etc.

ATN: What’s next for KSFit?

KS: In 2024, we’re looking forward to forging relationships with key corporate partners to bring more of a global reach to the KSFit brand. We’re also investing heavily in offline and online experiences — bringing the Stoked athlete community together. 

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