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Tracy Anderson Launches MYMODE, a Workout Program with Sustainable Fitness Equipment

Tracy Anderson Launches MYMODE, a Workout Program with Sustainable Fitness Equipment

Tracy Anderson, a celebrity trainer known for her “Method,” has released a new training program called MYMODE, accompanied by a fitness apparatus made of eco-conscious wood

Tracy Anderson is known for her unique workout that is based in strengthening exercises inspired by her background in dance. Having worked with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Victoria Beckham, and Robert Downey Jr., Anderson has since expanded her program to studios and online workouts. Online, Anderson offers virtual personal training, studio classes, and classes created for teenagers. MYMODE is a new venture in the Tracy Anderson online sphere, and her first foray into the world of sustainable equipment.


MYMODE’s equipment set comes together in an eco-conscious wooden box, which also serves as the workout’s platform. The set includes a multifunctional staff, mat, disk, and multi-port anchoring system, complete with sets of weights and resistance bands. MYMODE comes with a 1-year subscription to Anderson’s Online Studio and TA LIVE x TA MYMODE LIVE, as well as a personal MYCOACH for 6 months. In addition, MYMODE users will have two group Zoom sessions with Anderson per month. The program is available in four different modes that increase in difficulty level: Genesis, Refresh, Primal, and Peak.

The program’s mission is to infuse home workouts with the power of nature. Anderson was inspired to create MYMODE due to the lack of eco-conscious fitness equipment. Citing the toxic materials such as PVC and phthalates found in commonly used fitness equipment, Anderson wanted to take a stance against the use of these materials in the industry.

Tracy Anderson

“I can’t wait to usher in a new era of content and innovation, and embark on this nature-driven wellness journey with you,” Anderson stated, upon the announcement of MYMODE’s launch. “I’ve designed MYMODE choreography around the health of the whole body and the Earth, understanding how our physical selves are entwined in the natural world. The sequences are more dynamic and wide-ranging than anything I’ve ever done. This is freedom of movement like never before.”

While MYMODE has sold out for the fall shipments, consumers can pre-order the equipment for holiday arrival. The membership and equipment price is $4500, with payment plans starting as low as $126/month. Anderson’s Online Studio alone is $90/month, with its studio memberships starting at $900/month.

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Anderson’s workouts are at a higher price range than many other online workout subscriptions. Many other aspects of her workout are unique, as well: she does not talk during class, citing that part of the user’s journey is learning to mimic her movements, like a video game. After the workouts, Anderson discusses and reflects on the workout that just concluded, providing context on the movements.  Subscribers get access to 12 new weekly elective classes, including 15-minute body boosts, morning and evening stretch sessions, dance cardio sessions, and more.

On MYMODE, Anderson stated, “This is my dream playground to design content on—to get results I cannot get with anything else.”

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