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More People are Open to the Idea of Paying to Exercise in the Metaverse

More People are Open to the Idea of Paying to Exercise in the Metaverse

A new survey from fitness website FitRated shows the growing interest in the Metaverse fitness community

From NFTs to Bitcoin, the Metaverse has continued to pick up pace in the real world as more people find ways, including exercise, to capitalize on cryptocurrency. As the days go on, however, the digital money market appears to be anything but a passing fad, a new survey from fitness website FitRated proves. 

The recent survey shows 81 percent of people would be more inclined to exercise if they were to earn cryptocurrency for their fitness efforts. In addition, the survey uncovers four out of 10 people “would cancel their current gym for a fitness membership in the metaverse,” “over 60% of people would exercise 5 days a week for a year to earn 1 BTC,” and “3 in 4 people are interested in signing up for gym memberships with cryptocurrency.” More than 1000 people across America were surveyed.

So, what seems to have inspired this burgeoning moment in fitness history and virtual reality? According to FitRated’s research findings, there’re several factors. One of them is the prospect of better accessibility, believed by 45.9 percent of those surveyed to be a “top perceived benefit.” Another is the perception by 34.2 percent of a more diverse fitness community in the metaverse. Rounding out the list of benefits is the case for more overall frequent interactions within the fitness community and an easier time of personalizing one’s workouts.  

As great as the aforementioned positives of working out in the Metaverse sounds, the survey also logs in the “top perceived drawbacks” of doing such. The number one concern is a lack of an authentic community, according to 36.3 percent of survey takers. Other disadvantages include “less accountability to workout,” “issues with bullying,” and “worse exercise results than training in real life.” Still, it was found by FitRated that 65 percent of Americans “would trust working out in Meta’s virtual world.” 

With both pros and cons at bay to consider, fitness enthusiasts are seemingly poised to see top fitness franchises such as Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Gold’s Gym break through into the Metaverse in a big way. Other global fitness brands like Peloton and Les Mills have already tapped into the Metaverse. The latter introduced their BODYCOMBAT VR app earlier this year, hoping to “reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise,” among other things.

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Now, people are embracing a myriad of options convenient to their schedules and fitness needs. The Metaverse gives them a new way of both looking at how to pay for their exercise needs and keeping fit without sacrificing comfort or time.

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