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Therabody Makes Beauty Push With New Anti-Aging Mask

Therabody Makes Beauty Push With New Anti-Aging Mask

Part of the new Therabody Beauty line, the $599 at-home mask uses LED light therapy to reverse the signs of aging

Therabody, the wellness tech company behind the Theragun, has a solid track record of serving tech-forward devices to combat everyday aches and pains for average consumers, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, but consumers are demanding to look good, too — and Therabody is listening.

The company has just launched an innovative LED face mask that fights aging along with a new business branch, Therabody Beauty.

The TheraFace Mask, a $599 FDA-cleared LED light therapy mask that employs 648 medical-grade infrared LED lights to minimize the symptoms of aging while firming skin and promoting a healthy glow, includes Therabody’s signature vibration therapy for added relaxation. 

The wellness tech company says the latest device was inspired by consumer demand and feedback and was designed for convenience but has been on the mind of its founder from the start.

“From the time we developed our first Theragun, I wanted to use LED therapy,” said Dr. Jason Wersland, Therabody founder and chief wellness officer. “LED can help heal and repair tissue, which is why we were exploring LED in the first place.”

credit: Therabody

Therabody’s Science team paired with Media Lab Science to engage in an independent clinical study that included 31 test subjects between the ages of 39 to 64, where each participant used the mask for nine minutes a day for six days a week. Upon completing the 12-week study, TheraFace Mask was shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothed texture, firmed skin, reduced sagging, boosted radiance and lightened dark spots.

The TheraFace Mask offers nine-minute preset cycles using Red, Red + Infrared and Blue light therapies for maximum results. Users can also opt for a quick three-minute cycle or a longer 15-minute vibration-only massage session for stress reduction. The device comes with removable protective eye shields and adjustable straps.

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credit: Therabody

As customers continue to seek new and tech-driven methods to optimal living, Therabody is expanding with a dedicated business segment just for beauty, the result of its continuous success with its first beauty gadget, TheraFace Pro. TheraFace Pro garnered the company over 14 awards and sales that nearly rivaled Theragun, its flagship product.

The company closed a $165 million growth equity round last year.

The new TheraFace Mask is available at Therabody’s website, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and Best Buy.

In addition to Therabody’s at-home beauty push, the company has recently partnered with Barry’s to promote its recovery devices. Earlier this year, Therabody announced it would move into the garment sector, with compression wearables that offer vibration.

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