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The Ranch, a Malibu Staple, Brings Wellness Retreat to NYC

The Ranch, a Malibu Staple, Brings Wellness Retreat to NYC

While wellness clubs are already big business in Manhattan, the Ranch offers an escape from city life with 200 acres in the Lower Hudson Valley

A new wellness experience has opened in New York, which is quickly becoming a haven for holistic health experiences.

While other health and wellness sanctuaries can be found within the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, The Ranch, a staple in the California health scene, has selected New York’s Lower Hudson Valley as its home to East Coast wellness seekers. It’s the second location for the structured health and wellness retreat following its Malibu debut in 2010. 

The serene escape has been adored on the West Coast by celebrities, luring high-profile visitors such as Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba and Elle Macpherson as well as everyday health enthusiasts, with The Ranch boasting a guest return rate of 50%.

Now accepting bookings on the East Coast, The Ranch offers a healthy getaway on a private and historic lakefront estate spanning 200 forested acres, just a stone’s throw away from NYC. 

Guests can book a three-night/four-day or four-night/five-day wellness program and are encouraged to partake in a series of “healthy living assignments” 30 days before their arrival at The Ranch.

Programs are limited to 25 guests and offer up to six hours of daily, low-impact exercise with daily guided hikes, low-impact strength training or core-focused classes and restorative yoga or meditation. A daily massage is also included, along with BodPod body composition analysis, evening elective nutrition talks and a cooking demonstration.

The Ranch also offers holistic wellness treatments and therapies such as an infrared sauna, cold plunges, colon hydrotherapy, IV therapy and energy healing. A Solarium is also on the property, offering a pool and space for exercise. 

credit: The Ranch

Overall, The Ranch gives guests a chance to invest in a reset away from their daily lives while creating a solid foundation for long-term health and longevity. There is also a major social component. During their stay, guests are asked to “unplug” from their devices and dine together for their meals.

Although guests may see different results from The Ranch’s wellness program, the brand says participants should expect results — whether a sense of mental clarity and calmness or increased metabolism from nutrient-dense foods and movement. Most guests lose weight and add lean muscle mass, according to The Ranch. In addition to encouraging movement, the program’s meals are mindfully regimented. For example, The Ranch’s Day One menu lists an a.m. snack of either six almonds or an apple with “ranch caviar” (black sea salt). 

Guests who don’t want to lose weight are offered larger portions and additional snacks in their rooms. 

The results can be long-lasting, with The Ranch reporting that many of its guests continue to see positive results (like the adoption of healthy habits or improved cholesterol levels) once home. 

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credit: The Ranch

Alex Glasscock, co-founder and CEO of The Ranch, said the Hudson Valley location is also ideal for corporate wellness experiences, where groups can create a customizable program.  

“This new property has been such a special project for us, and we hope The Ranch Hudson Valley serves as a special oasis for those in the tri-state area and beyond,” Glasscock said.

Glasscock told Athletech News that The Ranch’s location in the Lower Hudson Valley – on the river and near state parks – offers strategic advantages.

“The location allows us to enhance seasonal fitness and wellness programming – kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding in the warmer months and snowshoeing and sledding in the winter,” Glasscock said. “Our program compliments the restorative beauty of the region, where we know our guests will be able to connect with nature, each other, and most importantly, achieve their own personal well-being goals.”

This story has been updated with additional quotes from Alex Glasscock.

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