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Plunge Launches Pop-Up Tub To Make Cold Plunging More Accessible

Plunge Launches Pop-Up Tub To Make Cold Plunging More Accessible

The cold plunge company unveiled its Evolve Series, which includes affordable and portable tub offerings

Plunge has launched four new products in a bid to make cold water immersion therapy more accessible. The Evolve Series offerings include an inflatable, portable cold plunge tub, a pop-up offering, and technological improvements on Plunge’s core offerings.

The price points of the new tubs are significantly lower than Plunge’s standard offerings and can be paired with the PlungePure Pro Chiller, Plunge’s water cooling and filtration system. The Chiller can maintain a water temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit even in 120-degree Fahrenheit climates. It also includes smartphone connectivity for remote monitoring.

The four new products include:

  • PlungePure Pro Chiller, an IoT-enabled water cooling and filtration system that includes a new variable speed to make the chiller even quieter. Retails for $3,499.
  • Ice Bath Pop-Up, an entry-level, pop-up cold plunge tub that can be used with just ice or the optional PlungePure Chiller. Retails for $150 for just the tub or $3,490 for the tub and chiller.
  • Plunge Air, an inflatable, portable tub that is easily transportable in an accompanying backpack. Retails for $1,190 f0r the tub alone or $4,490 for the tub and chiller.
  • Plunge Evolve XL, a premium model for home use. Retails for $3,690 for the tub alone or $6,990 with the chiller. 

With the new products, Plunge looks to tap into a different segment of the market that may want an introduction to cold plunging at an even lower price before investing in a larger model.  

“We’re always aiming to stay ahead of the curve in the cold plunging experience, with our pursuit of making it accessible to everyone,” Plunge co-founder and co-CEO Ryan Duey said of the new releases. “Our ladder of product offerings allows for a scalable journey: start with the basics like the Plunge Air and progress to advanced tools like the Evolve XL and PlungePureTM Pro Chiller as you evolve in your cold plunging practice.”

credit: Plunge

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The new products come on the heels of Plunge’s launch of its premium, higher-priced All-In tub and the Plunge Sauna.

In an interview with Athletech News last year, Duey stated that he and co-founder and c0-CEO Michael Garrett founded Plunge back in 2020 to fill the need in the market for a more affordable way to cold plunge. The company’s signature tub is $4,990, which is around $3,000 less than many top competitors in the market.

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