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Pvolve President Julie Cartwright Talks Franchise Growth, Jennifer Aniston Deal

Pvolve President Julie Cartwright Talks Franchise Growth, Jennifer Aniston Deal

Cartwright spoke with Athletech News about Pvolve’s expansion plans and shared how its partnership with Aniston came together

Pvolve has had an impressive year, including a recent rebranding, its first franchise studio in San Diego and its celebrity partnership with Jennifer Aniston. The functional fitness company has committed itself to successfully straddling in-person and digital experiences, with studios in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego, and more on the horizon.

Athletech News spoke with Pvolve president Julie Cartwright about the company’s growth, marketing strategy and how it plans to continue transforming the industry. 

Athletech News: Why has Pvolve seen such impressive growth lately?

Julie Cartwright: I believe the biggest driver of growth for Pvolve is our unique fitness method that differentiates from other workouts available to consumers today. The focus of the Pvolve Method is around functional movements that mimic how your body moves in real life (i.e., side-to-side, front-to-back and rotational). This approach activates major and surrounding muscle groups to enhance the physique while improving strength, mobility and stability without breaking down your body. The method, which combines functional movement with innovative patented and proprietary equipment, invites a kinder approach to our bodies and it will continue to be a force for growth across the business because it delivers the results people are looking for.

Our rapid franchise studio expansion is, of course, also a major growth driver for Pvolve. We welcomed our very first franchise studio earlier this year in San Diego and we’re aiming to open at least eight more studios before year’s end – all supporting our larger goal to open 250 franchise studios by 2025 across the US, UK and Canada.

Pvolve, also, has made some notable announcements recently, including Jennifer Aniston joining the company. Jen will help grow key areas of the business while bringing more awareness to the Pvolve brand as we continue our aggressive growth journey over the coming years. In fact, since our partnership announcement in early June, we’ve seen 650% increase in branded search for Pvolve. There are big things on the horizon!

Pvolve Jennifer Aniston
credit: Pvolve

ATN: How did the Jennifer Aniston deal come about? How do you plan to use her in marketing?

JC: Jennifer Aniston officially joined Pvolve in early June to help lead the company into its next chapter by focusing on key areas of the business such as marketing, product development and new programming.

Jen has been an authentic fan and “secret streamer” since 2021. She first approached us last year after some of Pvolve’s workouts helped her through some residual pain from an injury. She expressed how appreciative she was to have found a method that respects your body and works around your limitations. Experiencing the results and the philosophy behind the method firsthand, Jen was interested in bringing awareness to things that make a difference in her life, and Pvolve has become an essential part of her routine.

Jen’s personal journey with Pvolve is proof that our method sculpts, tones, strengthens and helps restore in a way that builds the body up, and doesn’t break it down. We’re so honored to have Jen’s commitment to propelling awareness of Pvolve and to help tell the story of what makes this solution so different and effective from a sea of options.

ATN: Does Pvolve plan to work with other celebrities or fitness influencers?

JC: Not in an official capacity, however, we’re always looking to bring new members of our community into the Pvolve family, celebrity, influencer or otherwise! Whenever we align ourselves with a partner, it’s important they love, benefit from and believe in Pvolve just as our members do. We’re so thankful to have Jen on the team and I’m thrilled for the future together. 

ATN: Why is Pvolve – and the boutique fitness space in general – a good franchising opportunity today? 

JC: It’s no secret that the wellness industry is booming, with over half of US consumers today now reporting it as a top priority in their lives, and fitness is a significant aspect of this. The fitness industry is only going to continue growing, and with how rapidly our franchise business is expanding, there’s no better time to consider investing in a Pvolve franchise studio than right now – especially on the heels of Jen joining us to help lead Pvolve into its next chapter.

What’s even more unique about the Pvolve method is that we are an omnichannel business. Consumers want to have the flexibility in their workout routine – whether that’s in-studio or online – and we’ve got those options for them. As an unlimited Pvolve studio member, you get access to our on-demand membership so you can experience Pvolve both in and outside of the studio.

ATN: What is Pvolve’s main demographic group? How does that compare to key competitors? 

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JC: Pvolve’s method can benefit everyone. Whether you’re new to working out or an athlete, if you’re in your 20s or your 60s, Pvolve’s functional fitness method is designed to work for you, building your body up without breaking it down.

We do offer a special category of classes designed specifically for women, including support through menopause and healthy aging. While our broader workout options appeal to the masses, meeting you where you are in your own personal fitness journey, our special category of classes for women, which includes synching workouts to your cycle, pre-and-post natal classes, pelvic floor exercises and support through menopause, is comparatively what sets us apart from competitors.

ATN: How are Pvolve’s offerings a response to consumer needs or larger fitness trends?

JC: Maintaining personal health and wellness is a top priority for consumers both historically and today, so offering options that work within the means of their personal lives is key. Pvolve was designed from the start to be an omnichannel approach to fitness. Our method offers members a hybrid experience, whether you stream for unlimited access to our live and on-demand classes on our website or Pvolve App, or visit one of our physical studios in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or San Diego (with even more franchises opening soon).

Plus, members who purchase an unlimited studio membership automatically get unlimited access to Pvolve’s digital offering. Through these hybrid offerings, Pvolve is designed to meet modern fitness consumers on their own terms so they can get an exceptional workout wherever, whenever.

ATN: What will be the biggest challenge for Pvolve over the next few years as the fitness industry continues to grow and evolve?

JC: Given increased consumer focus on wellness, particularly in the fitness sector – with numerous workout options, brands and content overload – it’s more important than ever for Pvolve to stay engaged with current and prospective members amid an ever-growing industry.

We are committed to continually understanding consumer needs when it comes to their health and wellness, while working to implement tools and offerings that meet our members where they’re at. With that, we know people continue to have growing, busy schedules. We’re prepared to meet those needs with our omnichannel experience, which includes a variety of class lengths and offerings in our on-demand platform and two-way live virtual classes so our members can stay accountable and reach their goals no matter what they have going on in their personal lives. Pvolve’s commitment to our members will always be at the core of who we are as a company.

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