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Peloton Divides Onlookers With Latest Brand Commercial

Peloton Divides Onlookers With Latest Brand Commercial

Is Peloton’s latest commercial campaign moving fitness enthusiasts as hoped? Let’s look at the results

There’s no way for fitness consumers to gauge Peloton’s next move, but who can argue the global brand’s prolific presence in the headlines, for better or worse? The latest news surrounding the global brand is all thanks to its new Motivation That Moves You campaign. A month after Peloton introduced its On the Leaderboard series featuring athletes and celebrities, Motivation That Moves You arrived in May to inspire viewers to achieve their goals while putting a spotlight on some of the company’s celebrity instructors (Jess Sims, Rad Lopez, Adrian Williams, Cody Rigsby). .

So, how well were Peloton’s efforts in doing just that?  

For the moment, judging from YouTube and social media comments since Peloton’s first Motivation That Moves You commercial premiered, there’s as much a variety of emotions from onlookers as there are vignettes shown in the video clip itself. Some enjoyed the promo (“Love it!! Let’s Gooooooo!!!!”), while others were either confused or revolted by the advertisement.

“I hate this commercial. And for some reason they don’t have the terribly annoying song at the end on this version. The version on TV with that song drives me nuts,” wrote one person on YouTube.

Another stated, “This is such disgusting propaganda,” with an additional commenter going so far as to affirm Peloton ads are “getting creepier and creepier.” “No wonder the company is hurting and racing towards bankruptcy,” they added.  

The reaction to Peloton’s latest commercial seemed to raise both concern and amusement on Twitter as well. One individual tweeted, “Really not ready to hear X Gon Give It To Ya in a Peloton commercial,” in reference to the famous DMX track played during the clip. Another viewer seemed more entertained by one of the lines said in the ad. “That new #Peloton commercial…. ‘sizzle babyyyy’ I’m screaming,” they wrote. 

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In spite of the assorted feedback to their latest commercial release, Peloton’s aim was, according to Peloton SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Communications, and Membership, Dara Treseder, what made the brand so special from its onset. “When we looked at our countless Member communities, as well as the research on barriers and drivers to fitness, our core idea kept coming up: motivation,” she said. “The motivating power of the Peloton experience results in helping people lead healthier, happier lives. The Motivation That Moves You platform honors these experiences of our Members every day, and the motivation that they can access anytime, anywhere.”

As Peloton continues to reconfigure its brand identity and direction in the midst of past controversy and questions about its future, it’s left to be seen if the company’s recent steps towards reminding the world of its core mission will prove successful or in vain.

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