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Oura, Talkspace Partner To Merge Sleep Data & Mental Health

Oura, Talkspace Partner To Merge Sleep Data & Mental Health

With the partnership, Oura users can now share their personalized sleep data with licensed therapists

Oura, the company behind the innovative smart ring, and Talkspace, a leading online behavioral health company, have partnered to give users new ways to share their personalized sleep data with licensed therapists. 

Oura’s newly launched Share Report feature allows users to share their data with healthcare professionals. It compiles comprehensive reports showcasing their sleep quality and daily movement patterns over specific time frames. The data is shared at the discretion of the Oura ring user, ensuring privacy. 

“Both Oura and Talkspace believe in pioneering new ways of integrating physical and mental health, helping people to improve their quality of life,” said Dorothy Kilroy, chief commercial officer at Oura. “Oura’s Share Report allows practitioners a complete picture of how their patients are doing in between visits. This can have a ripple effect; the more fluent and literate people are about their own bodies, the better equipped they are to have helpful conversations with providers about their mental health and overall wellbeing.”

Talkspace therapists can use this data to tailor their treatment plans, goal setting and progress tracking more effectively. Sleep can be an effective marker of mental health.

“Sleep quality is one of the first items assessed on our patient intake,” said Katelyn Watson, chief marketing officer at Talkspace. “By bringing together Oura’s capabilities with Talkspace’s clinical expertise, we are empowering members to look holistically at how they can improve their health and well-being at work and in life.”

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Oura has not only developed the Share Report feature but has also provided guidance to Talkspace’s extensive network of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners. This support ensures that these professionals can interpret the data effectively and incorporate it into their clients’ care plans.

To celebrate the partnership, Oura and Talkspace are offering promotions to their respective members for a limited time. Oura members will receive a $40 discount on any purchase of the Oura Ring, along with one complimentary month of the Oura App subscription when joining Talkspace. In return, Talkspace will provide Oura Members who choose to pay out-of-pocket with a $100 discount on their first month of Talkspace services.

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