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Oura Partners With Glucose Platforms To Track Link Between Blood Sugar & Sleep

Oura Partners With Glucose Platforms To Track Link Between Blood Sugar & Sleep

The CGM integrations are designed to shed light on the relationship between sleep and glucose biomarkers

Oura has partnered with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) platforms Veri, Supersapiens and January AI, providing users with valuable insights into the relationship between sleep and glucose biomarkers.

The smart ring company’s partnership with Veri, a CGM-assisted metabolic health platform, is designed to shed light on how lifestyle behaviors impact sleep patterns and overall metabolic health. 

Veri’s new insights tool uses Oura’s sleep staging algorithm to track nightly glucose levels and examines how factors such as exercise, food choices and meal times influence both glucose levels and sleep quality. By comparing REM and light sleep stages to glucose levels, users can also learn how sleep quality affects glucose regulation. For instance, indulging in alcohol or late-night snacks can raise glucose levels and disrupt sleep patterns, while poor sleep can have a negative impact on glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, weight and hormones.

“With Oura Ring, we’re bringing the key biomarkers of sleep stages, heart rate and glucose together for the first time to paint an even more holistic picture of metabolic health to unlock an unprecedented level of insight,” said Verneri Jaamuru, co-founder and chief product officer at Veri.

credit: Veri

Oura also collaborated with two other CGM platforms, Supersapiens and January AI, which incorporate predictive AI into their offerings.

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The new Oura Ring integrations come at a critical time. There is an alarming global prevalence of metabolic syndrome, a condition characterized by a combination of obesity, high triglycerides, low levels of HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

Metabolic syndrome affects approximately one in four adults in Europe, and around one in three individuals in the U.S. and Australia. Good metabolic health is crucial in preventing serious conditions such as heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and strokes. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation remains a prevalent issue, with one in three Americans and one in five U.K. citizens experiencing inadequate sleep.

The new Oura integrations represent a significant step forward in understanding the intricate relationship between sleep patterns, heart rate, glucose levels, and overall metabolic health. By leveraging these insights, individuals can make informed lifestyle choices to improve their well-being, while healthcare providers can develop more personalized strategies for combating the metabolic health crisis on a global scale.

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