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Mirror Launching Smart Weights

Mirror Launching Smart Weights

The smart weight accessories will be dropping this month.

Mirror, acquired in 2020 by Lululemon, will be releasing a smart weight system that will sync up with its sleek, at-home fitness mirror.

The acquisition was the first for the athleisure company and helped grow its partnership in content creation. The purchase also showed that Lululemon desires a path beyond fabric and is heavily invested in the future of fitness tech.

The upcoming smart weights will be the first addition to the Mirror line-up since the launch of its nearly invisible and interactive fitness mirror.

It would make sense that the innovative fitness company would add accessories to its line-up, especially before the holiday season. The smart weights will improve training and will include dumbbells and ankle weights. The new additions to the Mirror will help correct a user’s form, give recommendations, and provide rep tracking. Mirror will use an advanced sensor that will sync with the weights to give a smart-based fitness experience. 

The health-savvy fitness tech company will also be launching a health rating system to give measurable data so members can monitor power and progress as they work to meet health and fitness goals. The new system, called the Universal Health Score (UHS), will target heart, muscle, and recovery. The UHS will make real-time suggestions for the Mirror user to ensure they are achieving their personal fitness goals. With the integration of the smart weights, users can work to hit individual targets in various classes, like HIIT or boxing. 

Mirror took great care to create weights that were fitness-friendly but also modern.

The ankle weights are conducive to physical activity, with a soft-feel silicone finish that is patent-pending. The cushioning will assist in providing comfort and flexibility.

Mirror’s dumbbells will display a weight’s number by illuminating on the faceplate and will have a specially designed finish for grip and comfort. For added protection of the dumbbells and a user’s floors, the weights have a rubber edge.

Mirror’s weight systems will be available as early as November 22nd and will be priced from $50 to $200. 

Lululemon scooped up Mirror for $500 million back in 2020 as people were forgoing the gym due to the pandemic. As at-home fitness increased, so did the demand for fitness equipment and subscription-based fitness apps. With remote work at an all-time high, compact gym equipment, like Mirror, became especially attractive to consumers. As gym operators were scrambling, Lululemon was eager to add Mirror to its portfolio, citing its digital and interactive capabilities. 

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In a recent Yahoo Finance’s All Market Summit, Lululemon’s CEO, Calvin MacDonald, said that he sees the future of fitness moving towards a hybrid model, where fitness enthusiasts may return to traditional studios and the outdoors but will also continue working out at home.

“I believe in hybrid fitness,” said McDonald. “I’m an active fitness junkie myself.”

McDonald believes that Mirror fulfills this model.

“Mirror is uniquely positioned as your at-studio, at-home device. I’m confident that the hybrid fitness strategy will work. We’re well-positioned with the product,” he said.

Lululemon has come a long way from being known as a leggings company. In September, the apparel giant wowed Wall Street by exceeding its expectations and reported to be on track to hit its revenue target for 2023, considerably ahead of schedule.

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