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Fiit Expanding in US with Comcast

Fiit Expanding in US with Comcast

The UK Fitness tech company is partnering with AssaultBike.

Fiit, the UK subscription-based fitness tech company, may be poised to become a formidable competitor of Peloton. The company has partnered with telecommunications titan Comcast to expand its presence in the US and recently announced an upcoming launch of the world’s first interactive air bike workouts. The company, founded in 2017, has also announced partnerships with hotels in the UK and will continue to build its relationship with 24/7 facility operator, The Gym Group.

Fiit saw immense growth in the fitness app game due to the pandemic, with members seeking a digital platform as people were staying home more than ever. The company has decided to take its growing success and turn its sights on America with Comcast. Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex! users can stream interactive and on-demand classes that range from HIIT to Pilates. For those who prefer a community approach, group classes are available complete with live leaderboard workouts.

In a recent interview, CEO Daniel Shellard shared that a presence in America has always been a goal of Fiit and said that he is hopeful that the Comcast partnership will help move the fitness tech company to become a household name. Shellard sees an advantage with expanding in the US, pointing out that the market embraces new tech and trends faster than any other place in the world. As Fiit extends into the US, the company has started onboarding American-based trainers like Angela Gargano, Ninja Warrior contestant.

The fit tech company has recognized that its users are serious about fitness and, in response, have been looking for ways to satisfy the cardio cravings of its users. Data revealed that the most popular Fiit classes are the most challenging and that most users train on Monday, notoriously the roughest day of the week.

The fitness tech company decided to take that information and introduce the “Devil’s Tricycle,” the nickname given for the interactive air bike that promises to work nearly every muscle in the body. US Head of Fitness, Pete Pisani, refers to it as the “evil love child of a stationary bike and an elliptical.” Fiit partnered with AssaultBike for the fully-interactive air bike equipment and says that user data will be provided from the bike and a tracker. The air bike is already well-known by the NFL, UFC, and Olympians.

“Training on the air bike is tough. It’s notoriously challenging, but it delivers results. It’s human-powered – there’s no electricity – so how hard you work is up to you! I know our everyday athletes will love this,” said Adrienne Herbert, Director of Innovation and Performance.

Besides increasing performance, the fitness plan of Fiit will also emphasize active recovery to provide long-term gains.

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“Most people assume that the air bike is just for max effort, hardcore training sessions and they don’t realize that it is also a great piece of equipment for active recovery. It’s low impact so it can be used to warm up before training, or cool down afterwards, and even as part of rehab after an injury,” Herbert said.

The new air bike classes are available for early access in January 2022.

Fiit has continued to grow its corporate wellness division with Fiit for Work, a fitness platform for employees. Fiit for Work provides access to 900 workouts, personalized training plans, and engaging challenges. The Gym Group is offering Fiit’s platform at select brick and mortar gym locations, as well as virtual studios. 

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