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How Mindbody’s Top 2022 Wellness Trends are Manifesting in Studios

How Mindbody’s Top 2022 Wellness Trends are Manifesting in Studios

With the fitness industry’s definition of “wellness” constantly shifting, Mindbody + ClassPass have been expanding their studios and classes accordingly, offering consumers more options to improve their physical and mental health

As one of the leading booking platforms for wellness businesses around the world, Mindbody has unrivaled data on the state of the industry. At the midpoint of 2022 and the close of August’s National Wellness Month, the fitness industry continues to reflect on the various meanings of “wellness.” Mindbody and ClassPass’s Wellness Index, an annual report that releases data on trends, reported areas such as intellectual, immune, and sexual wellness on the rise. But how are Mindbody’s 2022 wellness trends manifesting in their studios nationwide?


One in five Americans has tried new services or treatments that support immune health, with another 46% interested in trying these services moving forward, according to the Wellness Index. Harvard Medical Center cited exercise, consumption of fruit and vegetables, and stress minimization as major ways to improve one’s immune system. Studios like the Well, with locations in NYC, Westhampton, Connecticut, and Costa Rica, have been capitalizing on consumers’ desire for integrated wellness offerings. The Well has the offerings of a traditional spa—sauna, steam room, and refreshments lounge—but also offers fitness classes like yoga and Pilates. On the Mindbody app, the Well also offers infrared sauna, foot rubs, lunar gong baths and qigong (a meditation and healing practice to lower stress and anxiety, as well as improve balance and flexibility). 

Other studios have increasingly been focusing on offerings like cryotherapy, compression boots, and ajna light therapy (a meditation therapy that helps one experience a deep state of meditation using pulsing white lights). According to Mindbody’s proprietary data through the ClassPass platform, cryotherapy bookings have increased 26% since the beginning of 2022. IV therapy has also grown in popularity, with consumers seeking vitamin supplements through infusions. Some studios offer drips that tout benefits such as “rapid repair,” “peak performance,” and “ache absolver,” combining vitamins according to consumer needs. 

With 36% of Americans choosing mental health as the most important area of wellness, Mindbody has seen that manifest in its studios in a variety of ways. First, consumers seem to be increasingly prioritizing freedom of expression and fun in their workouts. For the first time, dance broke the top 10 fitness classes booked. Sexual wellness is also on the rise, with 29% of Americans reporting that they are very likely to try activities in this area. Consumers are exploring pole dancing classes, with benefits of improved cardio, strength, and creative expression. Since the beginning of 2022, pole dancing bookings have increased 48% on the ClassPass platform. Other dance cardio studios, such as SassClass in NYC, promote female empowerment through learning a dance routine in signature styles such as “Sexy Stilettos,” “Fierce Feminine Hip Hop,” and “Chairography.” With the fitness community seeking ways to gain confidence, have fun, and improve their mental health, such classes fit the bill. 

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Mindbody’s 2022 trends demonstrate an evolution towards holistic wellness, with a focus on stress reduction, recovery, and fun. As the post-pandemic fitness world continues to rebuild, following the platform’s trends will be rich in consumer insights for the industry.

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