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The 7 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2022

The 7 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2022


According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is on pace to grow significantly by 2025, and the pandemic has led to increased consumer interest in health and well-being. Mindbody, a business management software service that assists gyms, spas, and salons, says that the definition of wellness is changing and is no longer defined solely by physical fitness. Mindbody released its annual wellness report, which surveyed over 16,000 Americans and assessed where the wellness industry is headed.

Here Mindbody’s seven wellness trends to watch in 2022:

#1 Immune health

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The pandemic led to people becoming more health-conscious than ever before. According to Innova Market Insights, one-third of consumers said they were more concerned about immune health in 2020 than in 2019. Mindbody says that this trend will continue in 2022, with 55% consumers wanting to strengthen their immune systems to ward off illness and disease. 65% report that their focus on wellness is so that they can “live a long and healthy life.”

Mindbody reveals that one in five have tried immune health treatments and 46% are intrigued by such treatments. The report indicates that women show more interest in immune health than men. 

Red light therapy, IV and injection therapy, detox programs, infrared saunas, and salt therapies have all seen increased interest.

#2 Intellectual wellness

Mindbody says that the quest of intellectual wellness has also increased and is quickly becoming part of a holistic wellness routine. More than a quarter of Americans ranked intellectual wellness as the top three most important dimensions of health. 50% of those surveyed say they spend time on activities that inspire creativity and are stimulating. 

The popular Wordle is a good way for intellectual wellness seekers to get a rush of Dopamine with a daily puzzle. 

#3 Mental Wellness

Mental health is becoming more commonplace in the discussions surrounding health and wellness. It’s also becoming destigmatized. Mindbody reports that 49% say that the pandemic has negatively affected their mental wellbeing and women are more likely to have felt the impact. Gen Z and millennials reported feeling negative mental health due to the pandemic versus 37% of “younger boomers,” says Mindbody

The good news is that 43% of Americans say they want to reduce stress and focus on wellness and Mindbody reports that 43% say they workout to feel better mentally.

The pandemic appears to have had a more significant impact on Gen Z and millennials than older generations—as 57% of Gen Z and 53% of millennials reported the pandemic negatively affected their mental health versus 37% of younger boomers. Almost half of Americans (43%) said they are focused on their health and wellbeing because they want to reduce stress. Millennials are the most stressed generational group while younger boomers are the least stressed.

#4 Sexual Wellness

The Global Sexual Wellness industry is anticipated to reach 125.1 billion by 2026 and Mindbody says that it’s a topic that is no longer considered taboo. Mindbody says that consumers are participating in “sex-centric” services with three in ten Americans reporting that they are interested in wellness activities that focus on group therapy, workshops, performance therapies, and treatments. 

The report indiciates that men and millennials are more likely to have tried or be open to trying sex therapy or coaching.

#5 Facial Fitness

Mindbody says that 48% of Americans have made skincare a priority with 35% saying that they are looking for salons and spas to continue their skincare routines.

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Facial fitness is also catching on, with 28% saying that they already do (or are interested in) practicing facial exercises to tone.

Mindbody will be hosting an upcoming Webinar in February to discuss beauty and wellness trends in 2022. 

#6 Pet Wellness

Animals can play an important role and provide comfort. Mindbody says that pets offered owners support during the pandemic. 

One in five households has gained a cat or dog since the start of the pandemic, according to the ASPCA. With a new addition to the family, Mindbody points out that consumers are now in the market for pet-friendly wellness experiences. Two in five consumers are even open to bringing their pets to fitness establishments, reports Mindbody. 41% are interested in going to pet-friendly salons or spas, with Gen Z and millennials the most interested. 

Over a third surveyed (37%) say they’d participate in activities like goat yoga, cat cafés, or spending time with horses, according to Mindbody’s report.

#7 Music-infused Fitness 


Everyone knows that the right music is key to a great workout, but Mindbody reports that it’s particularly important for Gen Z and millennials.   71% of Americans say that music motivates them during workouts and can have an impact on fitness frequency. 

For those moved by music, 45% will workout three times a week and for longer than those who aren’t motivated by music. Mindbody says that 32% say that fitness enthusiasts will select a class based on music and 49% of Gen Z and 51% of millennials will discover new music from their fitness classes.

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