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Life Time Leans Into Wellness With 30-Day Challenge

Life Time Leans Into Wellness With 30-Day Challenge

The luxury club operator is engaging members with an exclusive month-long challenge to build six proven wellness habits

Life Time has launched a 30-day challenge running through October, designed to inspire healthy living goals and habits while engaging members to complete and track progress to win prizes.

It’s the first challenge of its kind for the fitness and lifestyle brand, designed to simplify fitness, nutrition and wellness.

“Our Dynamic 30 Challenge takes commitment and discipline, but with our team of expert coaches, online resources and over 7,000 peers challenging themselves, together we can continue creating healthier happier lives for ourselves, our families, and our communities,” said Anika Christ, RD, CPT and senior director of weight loss and nutrition for Life Time.

The name of the challenge, a nod to Life Time’s Dynamic Personal Training and recently introduced Dynamic Stretching services, demonstrates the wellness ecosystem the luxury lifestyle operator is continuing to build for its clientele.

More Than a “Gym”

Unlike others in the fitness and wellness industry, the Life Time brand isn’t looking to exist as just a third space for health enthusiasts. Instead, it’s intersecting housing and health, as seen by its developments in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Those looking for a Life Time Living experience can reside in luxury apartments with access to top-notch comforts, such as healthy dining, golf simulators, sundecks and rooftop beach clubs – and have access to Life Time’s signature fitness facilities.

Dynamic 30 Challenge participants will log their daily habits in Life Time’s app, such as eating 30+ grams of protein at each meal, taking a 30-minute walk, drinking 30 ounces of water four times a day, engaging in 30 minutes of Zone 2 cardio and spending 30 seconds on six different stretches.

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Life Time’s challenge fully engages participants in the month-long event, providing them with a 30-minute consult with a trainer, a Dynamic 30 handbook, weekly 30-minute workouts, a packet filled with exclusive offerings and a wristband to receive special discounts. 

While Dynamic 30 is currently exclusive to just Life Time members, the company noted on its website that it may offer the program to non-members in the future.

Weekly winners will be selected on October 9, 16, 23 and 30. Participants in the Dynamic 30 Client category who complete 30 days of daily habits and eight training sessions will be entered in the grand prize drawing. Two winners will be selected to receive a Dynamic Personal Training package, a $500 NoBull voucher and a $250 nutritional supplement voucher.

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