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Hyperice X Shoulder Uses Contrast Therapy To Combat Pain

Hyperice X Shoulder Uses Contrast Therapy To Combat Pain

The new product uses customizable hot and cold therapy to promote shoulder health and speed up the recovery process

Hyperice, the global high-performance wellness brand, has introduced Hyperice X Shoulder, which offers on-demand hot and cold contrast therapy, customizable temperature control and the adaptability to target either shoulder.

As the first company to deliver mobile, wire-free, and liquid-free contrast therapy, Hyperice is committed to wellness innovation. Its latest technology, the Hyperice X Shoulder offers a wide temperature range, spanning from 35°F to 115°F.

Weighing in at just 2 lbs and equipped with custom-designed straps for a comfortable chest and bicep fit, the Hyperice X Shoulder’s ergonomic design ensures that users can enjoy therapy without being tied down to a specific location. The product also allows users to control the device and adjust settings from their smartphone. 

High-Tech Shoulder Recovery

Shoulder injuries accounted for more than 30% of all sports-related injuries in 2022. Contrast therapy is a scientifically proven method designed to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. Such technologies have been available in elite locker rooms, but Hyperice is bringing this technology to the comfort of consumer homes. 

credit: Hyperice

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The benefits of contrast therapy include the alleviation of pain and soreness, decreased inflammation and the relaxing and soothing of joints and muscles. It has been scientifically proven to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. 

As a wellness tool, the Hyperice X Shoulder offers relief for those recovering from injuries or merely dealing with everyday discomfort. It also promotes increased flexibility and range of motion while decreasing inflammation.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to prevent injuries or someone seeking relief from shoulder discomfort, the Hyperice X Shoulder could become an essential component of your wellness routine. The Hyperice X Shoulder is priced at $399

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