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Life Fitness Uses Advanced Biometrics in New Cardio Machines

Life Fitness Uses Advanced Biometrics in New Cardio Machines

The Symbio collection includes a treadmill, cross-trainer, upright bike and recumbent bike, and was designed for users of all body types

Life Fitness announced its all-new Symbio cardio equipment collection, which introduces cutting-edge technologies that prioritize personalization, comfort and enhanced workout performance.

Comprised of a treadmill, cross-trainer, upright bike and recumbent bike, Symbio offers a purposeful design, multi-sensory personalized experiences and advanced biometrics to create a better connection between the exerciser and the piece of equipment. 

“This collection creates a unique connection between exerciser and equipment through ergonomic design, sophisticated responsive feedback, next-generation biomechanics, and immersive workout experiences. It is a true representative of body and machine, together in movement,” said Dan Wille, chief product officer at Life Fitness.

“It’s poised to revolutionize the cardio experience,” Wille added.

According to market estimates, the fitness equipment market was valued at $16 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2023 to 2030. With Symbio, Life Fitness is hoping to tap into this market and reach consumers who want cardio equipment that feels natural to their bodies, regardless of body type and level of exercise. 

Jim Pisani, the new CEO of Life Fitness, noted the collection’s significance in meeting evolving customer expectations:

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“As I speak with our customers, they recognize that their exercisers seek engaging cardio experiences, those that transcend the traditional workout,” Pisani said. “Symbio builds upon Life Fitness’ 55-year legacy of advancing fitness through technology and extensive research and bolsters the company’s commitment to shape the face of fitness for a new era.”

The Symbio launch is the latest news in what’s been a busy year for Life Fitness, which announced Pisani as its new CEO this summer. The company also recently created LFX, a comprehensive functional training experience that combines equipment, programming, education and digital experiences for fitness facilities. Facilities can choose from seven pre-designed equipment packages based on space and the workout preferences of their members. 

Symbio is set to be available for purchase in 2024, offering fitness enthusiasts a glimpse into the future of cardio equipment.

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