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Les Mills Enters Mixed-Reality With Bodycombat for Meta Quest 3

Les Mills Enters Mixed-Reality With Bodycombat for Meta Quest 3

Les Mills is taking its mixed martial arts experience to new heights with Quest 3 as the brand continues to target Gen Z

Les Mills is leaning into mixed reality, launching a new fitness game, Les Mills XR Bodycombat, for the upcoming Meta Quest 3. 

The latest offering from the fitness brand brings renowned trainers Rachael Newsham and Dan Cohen into the Metaverse, encouraging players during Bodycombat’s martial arts workouts.

The latest app follows the success of Bodycombat VR but harnesses the latest features of the Quest 3, providing a mixed-reality fitness mode. The feature allows fitness enthusiasts to incorporate their real-life environment with their virtual training space.

For the new app, Les Mills teamed up with Odders, an XR gaming specialist studio. Jaime Pichardo Garcia, business director at Odders, noted that the new mixed reality mode on the Meta Quest 3 allowed the company to take Bodycombat XR workouts to the next level, enabling players to have a more extensive range of motion without worrying about their surroundings.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg showcased the Bodycombat XR app at the recent Meta Connect 2023 keynote, demonstrating how the Quest 3 allows users to select either a VR or MR experience. 

Just as Bodycombat’s martial arts style has resonated with fitness enthusiasts in studios and at home, Les Mills’ new XR edition offers players 25 training sessions across immersive settings such as a neo-city skyline, snowy tundras, Mars and Rome. Players gain points for effort and skill using a gamified approach while instructors Newsham and Cohen provide cues and encouragement.

According to Newsham and Cohen, Les Mills hopes the launch of the Bodycombat XR app will enable the fitness brand to reach new audiences and break down barriers to exercise.

Les Mills Makes Gen Z Push

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By tapping into mixed reality, Les Mills continues to increase its appeal to Gen Z, which the fitness company has indicated it’s targeting with a variety of methods, including Les Mills Live events. Meeting young fitness consumers in the Metaverse seems like a natural step for Les Mills as it continues to build a wide-ranging omnifitness offering. 

The brand also recently launched a science-backed strength program in collaboration with Adidas, recognizing that younger fitness enthusiasts are keen on developing core and functional strength.

In another bid to capture the eyes of younger fitness consumers, Les Mills released a campaign featuring “Ted Lasso” star Brett Goldstein over the summer, intending to attract and inspire the 64% of Gen Z’ers who have yet to start a fitness routine.

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