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Gymshark Taps Google Cloud AI for Personalization, Expansion

Gymshark Taps Google Cloud AI for Personalization, Expansion

Gymshark is circling the waters to nab high-quality data from its customers to create a more personalized experience with the expertise of Google Cloud and generative AI

The U.K.-based activewear brand says using Google Cloud’s technology will accelerate its next growth phase as it plans to start enhancing its consumer experience as early as Black Friday. 

Admitting that its data management system has grown “outdated,” Gymshark plans to use Google Cloud’s capabilities to take transactional data from purchases and contextualize it against activity from its fitness training app to make product recommendations for customers.

Ben Francis, CEO and founder of Gymshark, says the partnership will kickstart the brand’s transformation and future growth into new markets. 

“Data is at the heart of this evolution, and with the help of Google Cloud’s game-changing technology and data analytics experts, we are certain that we will be able to reach our goals and remain a leader in this competitive industry,” said Francis, who launched the activewear brand in 2012.

Gymshark Training App (credit: Gymshark)

Gymshark will experiment with generative AI through Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s AI platform, creating expert assistants to help consumers select products. The brand will also explore recording activities via text on its training app so it can capture insights to help users hit their fitness goals.

On the back–end, Google Cloud and partner Deloitte will provide Gymshark with a scalable tech stack and optimize its internal operators and supply chains.

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“We are proud to work with a British-grown company and to be part of Gymshark’s global growth journey,” said Helen Kelisky, managing director of Google Cloud for U.K. and Ireland. “With our technology, the Gymshark team is now equipped to go from digital native to data native and unlock transformative experiences for customers all over the world.” 

Initially launched as an e-commerce activewear brand, Gymshark quickly became a household name practically overnight through influencer marketing on popular social media platforms. It’s paid off for the brand — and Francis. At just 31, the entrepreneur recently became the youngest billionaire in the U.K. 

Although the activewear band saw its profits dip due to a challenging economy and the costs involved in establishing U.S. distribution centers earlier this year, Gymshark has doubled down on its intentions to continue investing in international markets. The company opened the doors to a flagship store on Regent Street in London last fall, with Francis telling Bloomberg that he plans to open additional physical locations and continue expanding

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