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Hyrox Launches Training Ecosystem for Gyms Worldwide

Hyrox Launches Training Ecosystem for Gyms Worldwide

People around the world will be able to train for Hyrox fitness races at their local gyms with dedicated equipment and workout programming

Global fitness race brand Hyrox is going the distance, outfitting thousands of gyms worldwide with equipment and workout programming to create official Hyrox Training Clubs.

Hyrox announced a partnership with Fiit, a digital fitness platform, and Centr, the fitness and wellness platform launched by Chris Hemsworth, to introduce Hyrox365, a comprehensive training and education ecosystem for gym operators and coaches.

All 2,500 Hyrox-affiliated gyms will become official Hyrox Training Clubs and receive access to an all-in-one training experience with Hyrox Group Training, a cross-functional workout program.

With the U.K.-based Fiit now Hyrox365’s white-label partner, the digital fitness brand created the Hyrox365 Performance Hub, so gym owners can streamline fitness programming and unlock exclusive access to daily Hyrox workouts, class tutorials, education videos and marketing resources. 

“Building on our existing partnership, which saw us launch tailored Hyrox Training Plans for competitors, this expansion equips Hyrox with the capabilities to now empower gym operators globally to deliver Hyrox Group Training to support in getting thousands of Hyrox athletes race-ready,” explained Ian McCaig, Fiit co-founder.

The announcement was made at FIBO 2024 this week, a nod to the Hamburg, Germany-based global fitness brand’s international presence. 

Integrating the hugely popular fitness race within gyms and fitness clubs stands to be a lucrative move for operators, especially as Hyrox continues to grow its athletic competitor base. The fitness race brand will have 200,000 participants at its races this year, it says. In time, Hyrox founder and CEO Christian Toetzke believes that one million competitors will participate in Hyrox events every year.

Training is imperative to successfully participate in the race known as the “Marathon of Fitness,” which sees Hyrox’s global participants compete in a format that includes a series of one-kilometer runs placed in between functional movements like ski erg, sled push, sled pull, burpee broad jump and other exercises. 

“Through Hyrox365 we are going to deliver a world-class product for users and facility owners across the globe, working with outstanding partners like Centr and Fiit, we aim to deliver the number one solution for fitness operators, coaches and personal trainers in the health and fitness industry,” Toetzke said. 

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The move positions Hyrox to compete with CrossFit, which has grown its brand through licensing its name to gyms and studios around the world.

credit: Hyrox

Hyrox365 and related training and education services will launch in the coming weeks and months. 

Hyrox also plans to expand its training qualification academy program, introducing two new courses this year. The fitness race will also build on its equipment partnership with Centr by creating ‘Hyrox Performance Centrs’ for its affiliates. Dubbed the “gold standard training solution” for Hyrox competitors, the offering includes area exclusivity and access to new equipment.

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