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Get Ready to Power Up With Tony Horton on YouTube

Get Ready to Power Up With Tony Horton on YouTube

If you’re a fan of personal trainer Tony Horton’s workouts and motivational books, you’re going to love his latest on-camera project, titled “Power Up with Tony Horton.”

P90X creator Tony Horton is giving his fans and fellow celebrities another chance to feel empowered, thanks to the personal trainer’s latest venture — “Power Up with Tony Horton.” The new web series features celebrity guests, including professional wrestling icon and DDPYoga creator Diamond Dallas Page, comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, and professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff, getting fit with the “Bring It” author. Each episode of the YouTube series will not only feature Tony Horton and his guests powering up through explosive workouts, but also having insightful conversations. “Highest paid cheerleaders in the NFL everybody! At a whopping $80 a game,” exclaims Johnson-Reyes in the series trailer.

In a press release for his highly-anticipated new show, Horton says the web series will give fans the opportunity to see him in a different light following his over 30-year career as a fitness guru and motivational speaker.


“One thing I love about fitness is innovation, and having the chance to work out with people doing revolutionary things like Diamond Dallas Page with his DDPYoga has been mind blowing. It’s also been a privilege getting to see how [internet personality] Zach King makes one of his famous illusions and revisiting my stand-up comedy roots while meeting the hilarious Anjelah Johnson-Reyes,” says Horton. 

“I’m having a blast working out and exercising with my guests and I can’t wait to share the incredible journeys that these new friends have been on.” 

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You can expect to see yoga, ax-throwing, some of Tony Horton’s famous workouts, and much more on “Power Up with Tony Horton.” The premiere episode debuts Wednesday, October 19, with new episodes to air every Wednesday on the Power Up with Tony Horton YouTube channel.

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