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F45 Engages Members With ‘12 Days of Fitmas’ Campaign

F45 Engages Members With ‘12 Days of Fitmas’ Campaign

With a festive flare, the Mark Wahlberg-backed fitness franchise is motivating its members to go one more round before closing out the year

In a time of year when “being good” is of the utmost importance, F45 Training is combining that with an emphasis on feeling good. The fitness franchise has gotten into the holiday spirit, launching its “12 Days of Fitmas” campaign as a way to engage members during the holiday season.

The social campaign, launched last week and running through Friday, invites F45 members to partake in different physical challenges at the end of their workouts for 12 days from December 11 to December 22. The fitness brand conducts this celebration each year during the holiday season, but always keeps its members guessing with different activities every day. 

Challenges thus far have included performing as many burpees, pistol squats, sit-ups, kettlebell swings, meters run on the Erg Bike and pull-ups as possible within a 45-second time frame. Participants are welcome to record themselves performing said tasks and then post on social media, making it possible to join the contest either from home or within an F45 studio. 

Afterward, competitors are instructed to pick up raffle tickets at their local F45 studio for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Those who tag F45’s main page on Instagram (@f45_training) upon posting are also given a chance to win. Additionally, F45 is making one of its items available for 50% off each day, keeping an eye out for any last-minute holiday shoppers.  

For a Good Cause

In the spirit of giving, F45 also plans to add a bonus day after the campaign reaches its end on Friday. In this finale workout, F45 will ask its users to compete as many “star jump” reps as possible, again in the 45-second time frame. Users will then get the chance to join F45 in donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The hashtag #f4512daysoffitmas, which participants are also encouraged to publish their workout videos with, currently has over 1,000 posts attached to it.

The Power of Fitness Community

See Also

F45 is no stranger to hosting themed fitness campaigns. From November 27 to December 3, the brand held “Trials Week,” where participants competed against each other in cardiovascular, strength, and hybrid-style exercises across seven workout stages.

Before that, F45 also agreed to a deal with Whoop to set up a 45-day challenge. From mid-October to early December, participants were encouraged to test out complimentary wearables from Whoop to track their workouts in real time and then monitor recovery. Wahlberg Week preceded that, featuring workouts inspired by Mark Wahlberg, the company’s celebrity investor and chief marketing officer.

Such ventures resemble another step in the right direction for new CEO Tom Dowd, who remains committed to rebuilding the fitness company after it reported $372 Million in losses over the past two years amid other financial challenges. F45 delisted from the New York Stock Exchange this summer. However, after completing some internal evaluations and launching creative concepts such as the ones at hand, the franchise is eyeing a rebound. 

F45 CEO Tom Dowd recently joined ATN’s “Unscripted” podcast series to discuss the brand’s recent turnaround efforts. Watch here

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