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EliteForm Unveils TeamSync, Bringing 3D Weightlifting Tech to Sports Teams

EliteForm Unveils TeamSync, Bringing 3D Weightlifting Tech to Sports Teams

EliteForm’s tech has already been employed by top college sports programs including Alabama football and Duke basketball

EliteForm, a software development company specializing in athletic performance tech, has unveiled EliteForm TeamSync, a velocity-based training solution (VBT). The cost-effective solution is now available to gyms, private facilities, and college and high school strength training programs for under $10,000, increasing the accessibility of VBT to teams.

As the first company to use 3D camera technology in the weight room, EliteForm has long been focused on sports tech innovation to better serve athletes and coaches.

TeamSync integrates with EliteForm’s premium Lift Tracker app and enables athletes to track weight lifting in real-time, including live rep counts, velocities and power metrics, providing an end-to-end VBT solution. The software offers real-time velocity and power numbers, automating load calculations based on VBT zones. The tech-based insights allow coaches to make data-driven decisions for their teams.

“After over a decade of building custom solutions for the elite in sport, we’re ecstatic to leverage our patented 3D technology to create a sports science lab in the palm of your hand,” Skip Cronin, EliteForm CEO, tells Athletech News.

Trusted by Top College Sports Programs

EliteForm’s technology has been employed by several athletic programs in the U.S., including Alabama football, Texas Longhorns athletics, UConn women’s basketball and Duke basketball, assisting coaches and athletes with monitoring, feedback and performance prescription.

credit: EliteForm

Matt Wendelberger, Northwest Missouri State University strength and conditioning coach, commented that TeamSync has been meaningful to his staff in performance tracking.

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 “It helps us track data on what we need from our selected group of athletes that we have working with the app,” Wendelberger said. “Our athletes love the instant feedback that this technology gives them.”

Wendelberger’s experience with TeamSync aligns with EliteForm’s mission of raising athletes’ ambitions. 

“The question was how do we remove the largest barriers between athletes and a better way of training? How do we democratize velocity-based weight training and put it in the hands of every hard-working athlete on the planet? The answer is leveraging the phone you already have in your pocket,” Cronin said. “The answer is EliteForm TeamSync.”

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