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EGYM Takes Interactive Fitness to New Heights With Gameday

EGYM Takes Interactive Fitness to New Heights With Gameday

Using EGYM’s Gameday innovation, a club’s members can compete against others or themselves while working out, driving motivation

EGYM, a leading global fitness technology company, develops forward-thinking fitness equipment for club operators and their members. As a strong advocate of embracing technology for the long-term success of club operators and the fitness industry, EGYM believes gamification is one of the keys to increasing long-term operator success while improving member experience.   

A Munich-based company with its North American headquarters in Denver, Colorado, EGYM has experienced rapid growth, reporting year-over-year growth of over 200% in North America in 2022, with plans to more than double again this year. Earlier this month, EGYM raised $225 million in a funding round led by Affinity Partners as it eyes an eventual IPO.

The release of Gameday, an innovative and interactive workout that attracts new club members and motivates experienced fitness enthusiasts, is a performance-based experience that spices up a regular workout routine in the gym. A fun and free Gameday competition allows clubs to highlight the myriad of benefits of EGYM’s equipment and the club’s offerings.  The resulting experience is designed to drive an increase in membership upgrades, create additional revenue and improve overall operational impact and efficiency for clubs.

Using a gamified approach, Gameday prompts members to try something new, breaking them out of the rut of a regular training routine while motivating and inspiring them through strength and fitness tests. No prior onboarding is needed, so interested users can just start Gameday and jump right into the interactive experience.

Members can compete against others or themselves and benefit from analysis and measurable results. The Gameday experience, using AI, offers deep insight for users, including detecting muscle imbalances, understanding ideal training weights and designing workout programs on EGYM’s Smart Strength equipment. 

After a member completes a Gameday workout, they will review their results on a leaderboard. They can also determine if they are satisfied with their performance or motivated to push further as they compete again. They will then be invited to onboard at the EGYM Fitness Hub, where the member can activate a complimentary trial to continue experiencing EGYM’s equipment. At the end of the trial, members can upgrade their membership to continue using all that the club has to offer through the EGYM Ecosystem of products.

credit: EGYM

Dana Milkie, EGYM North America General Manager, says EGYM’s latest innovation exemplifies the benefits gamification can bring to the fitness industry.

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“Gameday is a great example of how gamification can make a huge difference for health club operators and members,” Milkie said, adding that the experience will instantly change members’ workout routine, keeping them engaged and motivated through gamification. 

Milkie also highlights the importance of hyper-personalization and leveraging AI.

“By personalizing exercise to the individual, and leveraging technology to gamify the workout, clubs can differentiate the member experience creating real brand loyalty,” he said. “Additionally, since gamification is being delivered primarily via software technology, the ability to leverage AI to continuously evolve messaging, presentation and impact is significant.”

To get a demo of all of EGYM’s industry-leading innovations and better understand what is required to launch Gameday, contact EGYM today.

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