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BeaverFit Powers Mobile Fitness Entrepreneurs With Beyond Trailer Line

BeaverFit Powers Mobile Fitness Entrepreneurs With Beyond Trailer Line

BeaverFit is capturing the outdoor mobile training market with its Beyond Trailer™ mobile gym units that attach to the back of a pick-up truck or SUV

The fitness equipment sector might not get the limelight that’s afforded to other areas of the industry, but there are some innovative, even groundbreaking, things happening on the product design side that are changing the way people work out. 

BeaverFit, a fitness design, manufacture and distribution company with strong ties to the U.S. military and a growing private-sector business, is leading the charge when it comes to fitness equipment innovation. 

“We’re an equipment manufacturing company, but first and foremost, we’re a solutions company,” Dan Cowan, Head of Marketing for BeaverFit North America, says of the company’s approach.

For BeaverFit, those solutions include building custom training equipment for the U.S. military and boutique fitness studios like Rumble Boxing and MADabolic, but they also encompass a fast-growing area for the company: mobile outdoor training. 

BeaverFit is capturing the outdoor mobile training market with its Beyond Trailer™, mobile gym units that attach to the back of a pick-up truck or SUV and contain functional and strength training equipment like squat racks, pull-up bars and dip stations along with accessories and safe and integrated storage space. Beyond Trailers come in three sizes: 8-foot, 12-foot and 20-foot, which allow customers to train groups ranging from 12-plus people to 60-plus. 

While the size of the unit determines the exact amount of equipment and storage space available inside, all Beyond Trailers come stocked with height-adjustable pull-up bars and an unfolding rear squat rack or strength rack, along with the option to add functional training accessories as well as battle rope and landmine stations. They’re also customizable from a colors and branding perspective, which is super valuable for entrepreneurs looking to market and build their brand.

“It’s truly like bringing a gym to a client’s home, or being able to go to a park and run a full bootcamp,” Cowan says of the mobile gym units.

credit: BeaverFit

BeaverFit’s Beyond Trailer customers include military commands, first responders,  commercial gyms, and university campus recreation and athletics programs. The company is also seeing high demand from one other group in particular: fitness professionals who are building outdoor, mobile training businesses by staging workouts in the yards of their clients’ homes or in public spaces like parks and parking lots. 

This new generation of fitness entrepreneurs is increasingly turning to BeaverFit for its mobile training equipment needs, pointing to the customizability, quality and overall ingenuity of the Beyond Trailers as best-in-class. 

‘Everything I Had Envisioned’

Kelly Gardner, founder of BeMORE Mobile Fitness in Tampa, Florida, decided to embrace outdoor, mobile training after the pandemic threw a monkey wrench in her plans to open a brick-and-mortar location. Gardner said she struggled at first with how she could effectively transport workout equipment to and from her clients’ homes. Then she found BeaverFit’s Beyond Trailer solution, which seemed tailor-made for her new business idea.

“It was everything I had envisioned but didn’t know how to make happen,” Gardner said of the Beyond Trailers from BeaverFit. “It was like they literally took my (vision) and made it happen.”

credit: BeMORE Mobile Fitness

A personal trainer for over 20 years, Gardner says she created BeMORE to “change the future of fitness and break down barriers” to working out. BeMORE’s clients are primarily women – Gardner has done fitness sessions for bridal parties and girls’ weekends – and the company focuses on interval and strength training. 

Gardner’s BeaverFit unit includes squat racks and pull-up bars, and comes stocked with bumper plates, kettlebells and dumbbells, along with accessories like medicine balls and battle ropes. She tows the unit around using her Jeep Gladiator traveling from client to client in the Tampa area.

“When I roll up, it looks like a CrossFit gym on wheels,” Gardner says, although she notes that BeMORE’s workouts are more group fitness-based than CrossFit style. 

credit: BeMORE Mobile Fitness

Gardner says she also appreciates Beyond Trailers for their ease of set-up, noting that she was concerned about being able to assemble a trailer full of complex workout equipment. 

“It was so easy to set it up,” she says. “No tools necessary, just throw some pins in there and open it up.”

I Couldn’t Find Anything on the Market That Compared

Another happy BeaverFit client, Tristan Walliser, has a similar story about why he chose the Beyond Trailer for his outdoor fitness business. 

A National Championship-winning former football player for Clemson University, Walliser founded Mind Over Matter Wellness to help young athletes build upon their mental health in addition to physical wellbeing, an area of focus he believes will leave a lasting positive impact on the industry.

credit: Mind Over Matter Wellness

Part of Mind Over Matter Wellness’ business includes staging outdoor workouts, which Walliser prefers over indoor training largely due to the many mental and physical health benefits of exercising outside.

To help train his clients, Walliser ordered BeaverFit’s Beyond Trailer 12’, the 12-foot model that comes stocked with enough workout equipment to train 30-plus people at one time. Walliser’s Beyond Trailer includes fold-out squat and bench press racks, Olympic bars with bumper plates and pull-up bars, along with accessories like battle ropes, speed cones, foam rollers and much more. 

credit: Mind Over Matter Wellness

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Walliser said he chose the Beyond Trailer for its quality, sleek look and ability to be used for multiple different types of training, including traditional strength training but also speed and agility work and post-workout recovery. 

“I couldn’t find anything on the market that compared quality-wise and usability-wise, so it was an easy decision to go with BeaverFit,” he says.

For Walliser, another important aspect of choosing BeaverFit is the company itself. The Reno, Nevada-based organization is proudly veteran-owned and the majority of BeaverFit’s employees have served in the military. The company also uses American-made products.

“The fact they’re American-made, veteran-owned and veteran-employed was a big thing for me,” Walliser shares. “I’m all about supporting the troops and American-made businesses.”

The Business of Outdoor Training

As BeaverFit continues to market and grow its Beyond Trailer segment, Gardner and Walliser are emblematic of the types of fitness entrepreneurs the company is targeting.

Gardner hopes to one day grow BeMORE Mobile Fitness into a big enough business to have a fleet of Beyond Trailers and potentially expand to other locations including Baltimore, her hometown. 

“With mobile training, I feel like the possibilities are endless,” she says.

Fitness professionals will appreciate one aspect of the BeaverFit approach in particular: the company allows businesses to use their own custom branding on their Beyond Trailers. Gardner’s unit, for example, features the ‘BeMORE Mobile Fitness’ logo and custom colors.

“It’s like a mobile billboard when you’re driving down the road,” Cowan says. “We’ve had people who’ve put QR codes on them, will drive to a client’s house, and they come back with four or five leads from people who scanned the code.”

The rising popularity of outdoor training as a modality also bodes well for BeaverFit as it looks to bring Beyond Trailers to more customers.

Walliser notes that young fitness entrepreneurs like himself are increasingly looking to start mobile training businesses over opening brick-and-mortar locations for the cost-saving and scalability benefits. He also notes the changing fitness preferences of consumers post-pandemic, who are recognizing the many physical and mental benefits of exercising not just outside, but in a more intimate fitness setting compared to big-box gyms. 

“I think they’re going to start taking an even bigger hold of the market,” Walliser says of BeaverFit. “Especially after COVID, people’s minds are transitioning out of the traditional commercial space to more of the boutique-style gyms.”

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