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Xponential Fitness Adds Gamification With In-App Games, Challenges

Xponential Fitness Adds Gamification With In-App Games, Challenges

The boutique fitness franchisor is looking to drive engagement in a whole new way, adding daily games based on fitness challenges

Xponential Fitness, a leading boutique fitness franchisor with a portfolio of ten brands, is letting fitness enthusiasts cash in on healthy habits by playing games for a chance to win exciting prizes — provided they walked 5,000 steps or attended an in-studio Xponential Fitness class.

The new Daily Games challenge is the latest feature on the XPass app, with rewards including an electric Porsche Taycan, vacations and custom merchandise from Xponential partners.

“Fitness is all about finding joy in the journey, and our in-app game does just that by turning every walk and every studio session into an epic quest for rewards,” said Danyal Ali, chief marketing technology officer at Xponential Fitness. “This isn’t your typical workout routine – it’s a revolution in how we approach staying active, blending technology and entertainment in a way that’s both engaging and effective.”

To kick off the launch of the new gaming feature, XPass is offering users a weekly opportunity to win $1,000 starting October 16 until the New Year.

credit: Xponential Fitness

The first of the XPass Daily Games features a “unique, skill-based” version of rock, paper, scissors that goes live every night at 11pm ET. Xponential is planning to introduce new games to the app in the future. To participate in that day’s game, app users must either walk 5,000 steps or attend an in-studio Xponential class.

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“The XPass Daily Game is a game of memory, speed and accuracy,” Ali explained to Athletech News. “At its most basic level, it is a digital game of rock, paper, scissors that is judged on the player’s quickness to select the winning symbol accurately. Only the fastest players who successfully complete a round will move on to the next. Between each round, the set of rules defining what symbol wins and/or the image representing a symbol may change, which adds an element of memory.”

In an adjacent category, Xponential is introducing a mixed-reality and VR app on the new Meta Quest 3, where Quest players can be fully immersed in a photo-realistic representation of an actual Xponential-branded studio. Users can also cast an instructor into their space via Quest 3’s new pass-through capabilities for a real-life experience.

The fitness franchisor also recently welcomed social media maven Gary Vaynerchuk to supercharge its marketing and content efforts across all of its ten brands.

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