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Fitness App of the Week: XPASS Delivers Quality & Accessibility in Boutique Fitness Through Technology

Fitness App of the Week: XPASS Delivers Quality & Accessibility in Boutique Fitness Through Technology

Xponential Fitness’ XPASS is the only cross-brand fitness subscription in existence giving users access to high-quality exercise classes at affordable prices via one app

There’s a countless number of fitness apps designed to help individuals in their quests for keeping fit. But there’s only one which currently promises an assortment of high-quality workouts to choose from under one brand umbrella. Xponential Fitness’ XPASS does just this… and more. 

Whether in-studio, at-home or on the go, XPASS gives users the ability to purchase a monthly subscription sans hidden fees for access to name-brand boutique fitness studios, including Pure Barre, CycleBar and AKT. Members can elect to cancel online at any time and can workout anywhere at a fraction of the normal retail price. Xponential Fitness, responsible for creating the app, is focused on customer happiness over retention, which is quite unheard of in the overall health and fitness business space. “Our end goal is really to either have people continue to use the XPASS app or become a member at the studio. If you take other activated products, they would be unhappy if they saw that churn in their product. With us, I’m happy if someone experiences CycleBar and becomes a CycleBar member, and continues on XPass or just becomes a CycleBar member,” explains XPASS President Dan Ali.

Dan Ali, the president of XPASS

Ali adds, “If we lose the customer to a studio we’re extremely happy.” Ali considers himself a problem solver, of which is the fitness executive’s “greatest passion” in life. Lucky for us, XPASS solves a number of voids in the fitness app landscape. For example, XPASS consumers can sign up for a class up to 20-30 minutes ahead, leaving more breathing room for the indecisive and those with ever-moving schedules.  

Signing up for the app is also easy — it can be accessed through download via the App Store or by going to its website. All one needs to do is purchase a plan (the Silver, Gold, Ruby tiers) and the platform becomes available to wade through and decide on classes. Subscribers can cancel their subscriptions which are valid each month upon renewal. There are also annualized plans which provide more discounted benefits.  

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Most XPASS plans also come with XPLUS, with filmed across-the-street and live content on-demand. For a Gold XPASS subscription, one would receive access to 5+ fitness classes and on-demand boutique fitness workout classes at $99 a month, which, according to Ali, is a steal. For ten months purchased and two months free, the Gold+ subscription comes to $999 a year.

For its price points within different tiered plans, the quality and diverse array of modalities and workouts remain exemplary. Each customer has access to one transparent boutique fitness subscription app in XPASS that’s owned by parent companies. Xponential franchise partners are given more control and visibility and customers are given an open door (physically or virtually) to all 2200 studios under the brand and within the United States, thanks to the XPASS app. Xponential Fitness’ mission to make boutique fitness accessible to all, according to Ali, is unequivocally realized with XPASS. As a new year in 2023 approaches, an even greater focus on the product will invite “really great product improvements coming out that are unprecedented in this space.” We can only imagine what unrivaled things XPASS will achieve next.

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