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Viome Raises $87M for Microbiome Test Kits, Inks Deal With CVS

Viome Raises $87M for Microbiome Test Kits, Inks Deal With CVS

Viome uses AI and algorithms to give consumers personalized health recommendations based on their microbial gene expressions

Viome Life Sciences, a longevity and preventative healthcare startup focused on at-home microbiome testing, has closed an $86.5 million Series C funding round, bringing its total amount raised to $175 million.

Khosla Ventures, Bold Capital and WRG Ventures led the most recent funding round, which included participation from new and existing investors. The funding will be used for research and development as well as retail expansion efforts.

Viome, founded in 2016, says the Series C funding round is a major milestone in its mission to empower consumers with actionable insights through microbiome testing.

“In a world where healthcare has often been reactive, treating symptoms and targeting diseases only after they manifest, Viome is pioneering a transformative shift by harnessing the innate power of food and nutrition,” said Viome founder and CEO Naveen Jain. “Our mission is not just to prolong life but to enrich it, enabling everyone to thrive in health and vitality.”

Viome’s objective is to use data-driven decision-making, preferring a tailored approach to health over a one-size-fits-all strategy. The longevity-focused company relies on science to serve consumers based on their microbial gene expressions and employs AI and algorithms to analyze gene expression data from over 600,000 samples.

The company recently inked a deal with CVS which will see its Gut Intelligence Test in 200 CVS locations nationwide, in-store and online. The test comes right as Americans are becoming increasingly invested in their health and well-being and as new research suggests gut health may be linked to exercise performance.

Last month, Viome also introduced Oral Health Solutions, which measures microbial gene expression using at-home saliva collection to provide personalized recommendations and products.

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“We’re on a journey to redefine aging itself, and we’re invigorated by the support of our investors and customers,” Jain said. “Together, we’re building pathways to wellness that hold the potential to enhance the lives of billions of fellow humans across the globe.”

Khosla Ventures partner Robbie Schwietzer views Viome’s strategic investment as more than confidence in the company; he sees it as “the dawn of a new era in healthcare.”

“The promise here is staggering: the very prevention of an epidemic wave of chronic diseases, spanning mental, metabolic, cognitive, and digestive health,” Schwietzer said. “We’re not merely excited, we’re inspired and resolved to continue supporting Viome as they sculpt the future with revolutionary products that will redefine the paradigms of health, from early-stage cancer diagnostics to personalized nutrition solutions that respond to the individual’s unique biological signature.”

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