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Therabody’s Next Chapter: Democratizing Wellness & Beauty

Therabody’s Next Chapter: Democratizing Wellness & Beauty

Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Therabody, speaks with ATN about the brand’s new product launches and recent push into the beauty space

Therabody has been a hit with A-listers and pro athletes, quickly amassing a who’s who list of over 100 investors since debuting its Theragun in 2016. Now, the wellness technology company is ready for its next act, targeting everyday consumers and reminding them that through Therabody products, pain relief and wellness can become a reality as opposed to a wish. 

As part of its ongoing push to the everyday consumer, Therabody recently launched three new massage guns: Theragun Relief, Theragun Sense, and Theragun PRO Plus.

“I think we’ve become so accustomed to living with pain and it doesn’t have to be that way,” Dr. Jason Wersland, founder and chief wellness officer of Therabody, tells Athletech News. “We started with the pro athletes and have flipped the script to deliver the most effective and innovative therapies to everybody.”

credit: Therabody

Inspiration Through Pain

For Dr. Wersland, his own experience with pain had been a motivation for the formation of the wellness technology brand. After a motorcycle accident that resulted in a disc bulge injury, Dr. Wersland created the Theragun, finding relief and hope in the percussive therapy device. 

Knowing all too well that you don’t have to be a pro athlete to experience pain and discomfort, Therabody continues to create products that alleviate physical and mental challenges.

“It’s true that the sports and fitness community was among the first to adopt recovery as a regular part of wellness, but everyone can relate to having pain and soreness, wanting to improve sleep or lower stress levels,” Dr. Wersland said,

credit: Therabody

Serving those who spend their days sitting at desks or standing on their feet has long been a goal of the company, driven in tandem by the recent surge in holistic wellness modalities. 

“It’s important for people to know that Theragun — and all our products — are for everybody,” Dr. Wersland said. “Ultimately, Therabody is trying to help each individual live a healthier life.

Pandemic Drives Demand

The pandemic was a wake-up call for some, with consumers inspired to make beneficial changes in their lifestyles, Dr. Wersland believes. Since his company is centered on encouraging consumers to take control of their health and bodies through its products, he notes that it’s been rewarding to see Therabody’s impact — which continues to this day.

“The pandemic changed the way we think about health and wellness. All of a sudden, the entire world was interested in how healthy they are and wanting to take control of their wellness into their own hands,” Dr. Wersland said. “Consumers want to be able to have the best of the best therapies available to them at hand.”

Without access to physical therapy, massages, gyms or fitness studios, at-home solutions became not only great options but essentials.

“We’ve continued to see that sustained growth,” Dr. Wersland notes. “At Therabody, we had been spreading the message of owning your own health and well-being for many years, but that time in lockdown became an unexpected catalyst for reaching people on a larger scale.” 

Wellness Is Here To Stay

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for Therabody: even with the pandemic in the rearview mirror, consumers are still keen on at-home fitness and wellness while seeking ways to feel better and look younger.

Even more encouraging for Therabody and the industry as a whole, Dr. Wersland is assured this new wellness wave isn’t a trend — but is here to stay.

“From what we’ve seen, people are looking for ways to take care of themselves in a more holistic way without medicine or prescriptions – I don’t expect this to slow down anytime soon,” he predicts.

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credit: Therabody

Recognizing that consumers are still busy with their daily commitments, Dr. Wersland anticipates that the health and wellness industry will adopt a more “on the go” approach, which he says will make it even more accessible to the everyday person. Nodding to a fast-paced lifestyle, Therabody recently announced a partnership with United Airlines to promote wellness in the skies and bring rest and relaxation to travelers. 

As for health and wellness in 2024 and beyond, Dr. Wersland predicts that we will see the rise of biometric measurement capability so people can tune into their bodies more than ever before. 

Beauty & Anti-Aging

For now, Therabody is focusing on its beauty branch. It’s an area that the brand is fully embracing, as seen with a dedicated business segment just for beauty and anti-aging technology.

“We’re not stopping with the announcement of TheraFace Mask,” Dr. Wersland promises, referencing the new at-home anti-aging mask that uses LED light therapy and Therabody’s signature vibration therapy for relaxation, and was based on consumer demand and feedback.

credit: Therabody

“After the blockbuster 2022 launch of our inaugural beauty device TheraFace PRO, we plan on continuing to grow the Therabody Beauty business division,” Dr. Wersland confirmed to ATN, pointing out that the TheraFace PRO catapulted Therbaody into the beauty space with over 14 awards and sales second only to its flagship product family, Theragun.

“With the announcement of the Therabody Beauty division, we are dedicated to innovating in the facial health space by bringing tech to beauty to deliver non-invasive, effectual solutions that are easy to do at home,” he added.

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