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TeamUp Uses a Tech-First Approach To Change User Experiences

TeamUp Uses a Tech-First Approach To Change User Experiences

The software platform is designed as a tech product for the fitness industry, not a fitness product using technology, an approach that benefits operators and their members

A software platform is only as good as the data, technology and intent that powers it. A software company is only as good as its people.

Since launching in 2012, TeamUp has worked fiercely to provide the best management software for fitness studios, boxes and gyms, doing so with two deep-seated points of differentiation, a tech-first approach and a commitment to customer service 

First, TeamUp is designed as a tech product for the fitness industry versus a fitness product using technology. This tech-first approach translates to a significant competitive advantage for operators and offers app users highly intuitive functionality and ease-of-use such as the ability to adapt class schedules from a mobile device and more. 

Second, TeamUp is comprised of smart, friendly, forthright individuals who give the best they have to delight customers with exceptional service, customized solutions and unlimited support – delivering the best possible experience. 

“Our development process prioritizes customer needs by bringing the latest technology rapidly to the product and the customer, giving them a competitive advantage to move faster, said Tim Green, TeamUp COO. “The product itself advances user experience, intuitiveness, and smart, timesaving features to ultimately boost efficiency across the organization.”

Tim Green (credit: TeamUp)

When it comes to service and support, Green notes TeamUp has dedicated customer success agents who are highly capable and available to offer immediate assistance at first touch – every time.

“TeamUp works incredibly well for us because it fits our model and the level of service they provide allows us to communicate with them quickly and easily and address any problems when they come along. They’re also open to new ideas and development, which we’ll work on with them to help improve their solution and therefore our solution,” says TeamUp customer Max Henderson, CEO of Hotpod Yoga.

Customer Success Is Baked In

TeamUp’s mantra is to help each customer create the best version of their business. 

“When building a product, we work side-by-side with the customer to understand what data is important to them, how the business is run, how they can improve, what challenges they face and more, and we build all of the features around these things,” says Green.

TeamUp has helped over 3,500 customers in 30+ countries for over a decade in this way.

“We develop and maintain a close relationship with every customer and work to help them succeed at every level of their business,” Green explains. “And ultimately the output – the elevated experience they deliver to their members – drives their success and that’s what drives us.”

credit: TeamUp

Delivering the Ultimate Member Experience 

“The fitness consumer experience is driven by all of the touchpoints they interact with,” explains Green. “Typically facilities get some of those touchpoints very right, such as the quality of their classes or their branding, and they get some wrong, such as technology.”

Green says TeamUp’s purpose is to improve the consumer experience by making every touchpoint flawless.

“The way we perceive it is the little details and the infrastructure provide a vastly different experience when you get the data that underlies it right,” Green explains.

He says that within every element of fitness management software, there are nuances that matter greatly to the consumer, and these translate to brand value. 

“Performance, speed, reliability, security, etc., all help boost the experience for the member at critical moments. It’s about getting all of these things exactly right – that’s what elevates the brand and creates brand loyalty. It’s tech that drives this, and it’s vital to the outcome.”

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Features That Grow Membership

Green says TeamUp has hundreds of features, many of which solve the same business problems as other platforms, but in unique ways.

“TeamUp offers the most powerful membership-building system of any platform,” he says. “Studios and gyms can completely tailor offerings in a single place and do unique things, such as offer hidden packages shown to specific groups, create different permission levels and develop priority groups.”

TeamUp also accepts multiple payment methods, has a wide range of unique marketing components including customer acquisition, customer referral and promotional opportunities, and offers innovative use of AI within its “Community Happiness” feature

“Members typically want to help by providing reviews, but they don’t like writing them,” says Green.” So we put it on autopilot for them with the ability to use AI to generate a review quickly. It takes one click. We’ve been seeing incredible results from this.”

In the vein of TeamUp’s tech-first approach, the platform offers a wide range of enterprise-grade features including advanced user access, information security, API controls, SSO and white-label branding.

“We always say TeamUp is the brain of the company, how we utilize it and how our franchisees jump onto the platform,” says TeamUp customer, Vicky Woolnough, COO of Ferdinand Football UK.

In the end, TeamUp endeavors to be the best in the industry with a tenet to elevate customer and user experience with intuitive software that grows with the client.

“I recently had a customer draw the comparison between TeamUp and other apps by saying that TeamUp is a Michelin Star restaurant and other apps are carryout joints,” said Green. “To this, I say that I’m very proud that what makes our product different is the extreme attention to data-driven details in our development and execution and the exceptional outcome.”

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