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SweatWorks & Feed Media Group Officially Partner to Deliver Connected Fitness Experiences

SweatWorks & Feed Media Group Officially Partner to Deliver Connected Fitness Experiences

The music services provider & digital fitness agency understand that music is essential to a great workout and will combine music services with fitness technology

Feed Media Group, a music services provider, and SweatWorks, an Arlington, VA-headquartered digital fitness agency, have announced a collaboration to deliver connected fitness experiences.

The two have previously worked together on projects for Clmbr, MYX Fitness, and CityRow, but this is the first time Feed Media Group and Sweatworks have become official partners.

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“We know workouts that include music drive a more enriching and engaging experience,” said SweatWorks founder and CEO Mohammed Iqbal. “That’s why formalizing our collaboration with Feed Media Group is so important to us as we build the digital fitness apps and hardware for the future for our clients.” 

Feed Media Group has spent time digging deep into digital fitness and harnessing music’s ability to energize the mind and body while improving the fitness experience. The music services provider collaborated with Brunel University London Sport and Exercise Psychology professor Costas Karageorghis to share the scientific evidence behind music in exercise in a white paper titled “The ABC of Music in Exercise: Affect, Behavior, and Cognition.”

Athletech News spoke with Feed Media Group late last year about digital experiences, the benefits of its proprietary music application and software integration, and the unification of the fitness and music industries.

“APIs empower us to automate data-driven tasks, to provide a whole class of services that solve a major stack of headaches related to music, including, ingesting, streaming, and compensating rightsholders,” Eric Lambrecht, Feed Media Group CTO and co-founder, explained. “We do the work to simplify it for everyone else,” he points out.

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The music services provider has distinguished music partners such as Warner Music Group, BMG, and Merlin.

According to Lambrecht, the new collaboration will allow Feed Media clients who are developing apps with SweatWorks’ integrations to benefit at no extra cost.

“SweatWorks has consistently delivered forward-thinking, innovative digital and physical fitness products, which integrate with Feed Media Group’s music services and technology,” said Jeff Yasuda, CEO of Feed Media Group. “We are honored to partner to create the future of connected fitness experiences.”

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