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Studio Pilates Grows US Footprint, Hits 100 Global Locations

Studio Pilates Grows US Footprint, Hits 100 Global Locations

The tech-forward Pilates franchise is planning an additional 55 locations across Australia, London, Toronto, Orange County and Nashville

Pilates brands continue to experience massive growth, with Australian-born Studio Pilates International the latest to hit a new milestone, opening its 100th location this week in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Founded by high school sweethearts Jade and Tanya Winter in 2002, Studio Pilates International has expanded to New Zealand, China, and the U.K., and plans to enter Canada this year, following 24% year-over-year revenue growth from 2022 to 2023. An additional 55 studios will open across Australia, London, Toronto, Orange County and Nashville.

Studio Pilates’ 40-minute group workout occurs under the brand’s signature chandeliers, with video technology that aids Studio Pilates instructors in providing personalized attention to enhance the class experience. 

“Tanya and I embarked on this journey fuelled by a shared vision and an unyielding belief in the benefits Studio Pilates International offers to our community,” said co-founder Jade Winter. “From humble beginnings to our 100th studio opening, this significant milestone is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion.”

The Pilates franchise says that its model is highly scalable, with over 50% of franchisees owning two or more studios, and that no studio has ever failed. 

credit: Studio Pilates International

Studio Pilates recently introduced pre and postnatal Pilates classes for its female clients.

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“Pilates is one of the best methods for exercising while pregnant,” said Marisa Fuller, a franchise owner of several U.S.-based Studio Pilates locations who was the first to bring the brand to the States. “The highly targeted, modifiable exercises can effectively accommodate the needs of pregnant women.” 

In addition to franchising opportunities, Studio Pilates offers 16 different teacher training courses. The “Pilates reimagined” brand is celebrating World Pilates Day on May 4 with free workouts for new clients, exclusive offers and prize giveaways.

Pilates is hotter than ever, even garnering laughs during a recent skit on “Saturday Night Live” that poked fun at fervent Pilates instructors and devotees. Franchise brands like Club Pilates and JetSet, to name just a couple, are quickly expanding domestically and internationally.

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