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Samsung Has Big Plans for AI-Powered Food & Cooking App

Samsung Has Big Plans for AI-Powered Food & Cooking App

Launched in 104 countries and eight languages, Samsung Food will act as a personalized cooking assistant for more than 160,000 recipes

Samsung Electronics has launched Samsung Food, a new food and recipe platform powered by AI. Released in 104 countries and eight different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean, the platform will act as a personalized cooking assistant throughout 160,000 different recipes. Samsung Food will help users discover new recipes, create personalized meal plans and order ingredients online. 

To build out the platform, Samsung Food draws from the extensive database of Whisk, a smart food platform acquired by Samsung Next in 2019 that uses AI to suggest meals based on user preferences and food seasonality. 

“The food we enjoy and the way we prepare it are central to our daily lives, and we all love to cook and eat together,” said Chanwoo Park, an executive vice president at Samsung Electronics. “By connecting digital appliances and mobile devices across the Samsung ecosystem and assisting users from shopping list to dinner plate, Samsung Food is using advanced AI capabilities to deliver a highly personalized, all-in-one food experience that users can control straight from their palms.”

Samsung Food offers a wide range of features to support consumers throughout their meal planning and cooking journey. First, the app allows users to save recipes to a digital recipe box and the platform organizes them into shopping lists based on ingredients. Those with a Family Hub refrigerator can access Samsung Food directly on the appliance, receiving recipe recommendations based on available food items.

The app allows for personalized daily meal plans based on dietary preferences, favorite cuisines and user data, allowing for nutritional breakdowns, as well. Samsung Food also allows for connectivity with cooking appliances. Users can set timers, preheat ovens, and send recipe cook settings directly to certain compatible appliances. 

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By the end of the year, the company plans to integrate Samsung Health with Samsung Food, helping users manage their diets more effectively by syncing information such as BMI, body composition, and calorie consumption. The company says Vision AI technology will be implemented in 2024, allowing Samsung Food to recognize food items and meals photographed through the camera. This feature will provide details about these items, including nutrition information and suggest recipes based on the ingredients in the photos.

By uniting the previously disparate spaces of smart recipes, appliances and nutrition, the Samsung Food platform could be ushering in a new era for the smart kitchen.

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