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Samsung Adds Fitness & Sleep Features to New Galaxy Watch Models

Samsung Adds Fitness & Sleep Features to New Galaxy Watch Models

The Galaxy Watch6 series provides personalized health guidance, including body composition analysis and Sleep Messages

Samsung has added a comprehensive range of fitness and health-focused features, personalized guidance and enhanced performance capabilities in its newest wearables, the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

With its recent Galaxy Watch6 updates, Samsung has placed an emphasis on fitness capabilities and improving users’ sleep patterns. Users can benefit from body composition analysis, which offers a comprehensive snapshot of their physical state, aiding in goal setting and progress tracking. The Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature tailors running intensity levels based on individual capabilities. In addition, the new Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification feature adds to the watch’s ability to comprehensively assess heart health. This watch can detect heart rhythms suggestive of Atrial fibrillation (AFib), even during sleep.

The Galaxy Watch6 series also offers different features aimed at providing insights into sleep quality and facilitating better habits. Users can use the watch’s Sleep Score Factors, such as sleep cycle, recovery and awake time, to gain a deeper understanding of their sleep patterns and make informed adjustments.

credit: Samsung

Additionally, Samsung has introduced Sleep Messages, co-developed with the National Sleep Foundation, which gives users detailed feedback about their sleep health, empowering them to make meaningful changes. Enhanced Sleep Coaching offers users personalized instructions and reminders. Sleep Consistency also shows how consistent the user’s sleep and wake times are, and provides a personalized Sleep Animal Symbol that designates sleep type. The watches also help to create ideal sleep environments by adjusting home electronics settings and activating Sleep Mode to minimize distractions.

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Other health-focused features include the newly launched Skin Temperature API, allowing users to access advanced infrared technology. For example, the Thermo Check app allows users to measure the temperature of their favorite meal before dinner time or the ocean before jumping in.  

The Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic went on sale August 11. 

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