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Rewire Fitness Wants to Keep Your Head in Game with Neuro Performance

Rewire Fitness Wants to Keep Your Head in Game with Neuro Performance

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Meet the fitness tech company that is launching a mobile platform to enhance your mind-body connection.

While experts agree that exercise is elemental to experiencing less stress and achieving a better state of emotional health, few performance fitness apps work to actively bridge the mind-body connection. Rewire Fitness hopes to change the physical fitness game by focusing on building mental fortitude, not just muscle strength, by providing users a holistic view of their fitness and well-being. Recently announcing a neuro performance mobile platform, the Rewire Fitness hardware system will be available later this month and will sync with the current mobile app. 

Rewire Fitness hones in on a trifecta of training, diagnosing, and recovery. Described as a “resilience training system,” it can be used for various sports and activities and trains a user’s body and mind. Data is then collected and presented so a user can assess readiness by measuring cognitive, physical, and emotional elements.

Rewire Fitness also includes a personalized recovery system to achieve future peak performances. The company says that they incorporate the same methods utilized by NASA, Navy SEALS, and neuroscientists.

Like most fitness tech, Rewire uses physiological factors like heart rate, sleep, and fitness data, but incorporates other metrics to view a user’s functional, emotional fitness.

Rewire offers users the ability to improve general well-being or prep for training (or upcoming competitions) by providing guided breathing, Binaural Beats, self-talk, subliminal priming, and visualization. 

The system also includes Brain Endurance Training, which can be used pre- or post-workout and on recovery days. Rewire Fitness says their Brain Endurance Training will combat mental fatigue, improve athletic performance, mental resilience, and improve decision-making.

The aim to override mental fatigue comes from a 2009 study that Rewire Fitness took into account. It revealed that mental exhaustion hindered physical performance. Later studies showed that the brain could be successfully trained to increase endurance, especially when combined with training on a physical level. 

Recently, Rewire Fitness had a pre-seed round of funding led by Under Armour and included NBA’s Kyle Korver and 25madison. Under Armour’s Vice President of Athlete Performance, Paul Winsper, discussed Rewire’s purpose to connect physical performance to mental soundness.

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“In line with our mission to make all athletes better, we are constantly seeking to optimize the body and mind connection,” said Winsper in a company press release. “Rewire’s progress in providing athletes with elite insights and tools to help train their minds sits at the intersection of our train-compete-recover strategy. With a hyper-focus on cognitive performance, we are very encouraged at the prospect of unlocking additional tools to help athletes realize their full potential.”

Rewire Fitness currently offers two subscriptions, Elite Annual and Elite Monthly, and provides a free 14-day trial for those who are interested.

According to a market analysis report conducted by Grand View Research earlier this year, the global fitness app market size was valued at $4.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to witness a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 21.6 percent in the next seven years.

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