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Quarantine 15? Cryotherapy and CBD Combine to Create a Powerful TIDL Wave Back to Fitness

Quarantine 15? Cryotherapy and CBD Combine to Create a Powerful TIDL Wave Back to Fitness

The new TIDL line of products is formulated to assist fitness enthusiasts and athletes in getting back into their regimens through powerful workout preparation and recovery

Among the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon many is the lack of access to the normal exercise routines that were once regular. The adjustment to the home gym has gone well for some, but for others the sedentary lifestyle was inevitable. Presently, however, awareness around health and wellness is at an all-time high for many reasons. TIDL, a fitness forward brand created by The Anthos Group, has timed its launch perfectly to assist those looking to get back on their fitness journey.

With an expertise in cannabinoid science and CBD, TIDL combines plant-based therapy with exercise science mechanisms known to aid in recovery, such as cryotherapy. “It is not just a CBD product, and it is not a pain distraction, like many OTC products,” said Dr. Cohin Kakar, Chief Scientific Officer of TIDL, “TIDL is in a class of its own, catering to the athlete that wants clean and long-term recovery through innovative science.”

The flagship product is a topical spray, enhanced with 360-degree spray technology that is touch-free and delivers a cooling cryo-therapeutic effect without the residue. Additionally, the product is packaged with a powerful organic ingredient package that includes phytocannabinoids, like CBD, to assist athletes in recovery after strenuous exercise. While the cooling effect delivers immediate pain relief, the organic ingredients strive for long-term healing by addressing inflammation. “When you decrease inflammation, you decrease pain. Inflammation is the number one source of pain throughout the body,” said Dr. Akash Bajaj, Pain Physician and TIDL Medical Director. The TIDL team believes that through assisted recovery, consumers will be more likely to exercise regularly, knowing that they can return pain-free.

TIDL products will focus on the entire journey from workout preparation, optimal performance, and enhanced recovery. “Our foundation is built on science. Finding ways to utilize that science and make it beneficial for the consumer is what drives all of our brands in their specific niches,” said Badal Shah, Chief Executive Officer. The Anthos Group also has a medical brand, CytoCBD, which is being used in pain clinics all over the country. “TIDL retains the same medical quality, but we have tailored it for the fitness enthusiast,” said Shan Umer, President.

Athletes from all over the country have also started to incorporate TIDL into their regimens. Jamal Liggin, Pro-Athlete Performance Coach, says “TIDL provides an explosive sensation of instant relief, perfect for any athlete.” Others featured on the website include U.S. Olympians, Professional Fighters, Fitness Influencers, and other major league athletes.

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