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Product of the Week: Is Theragun Pro Plus the World’s Best Massage Gun?

Product of the Week: Is Theragun Pro Plus the World’s Best Massage Gun?

Therabody’s all-in-one massage gun comes packed with high-tech recovery features, but is it worth a $599 price tag? 

Therabody was founded in 2008 by Dr. Jason Wersland, who was inspired to create the company after a painful motorcycle accident. Over the past decade and a half, Therabody has emerged as a leading recovery technology company, expanding from percussive therapy into areas like skincare, sleep therapy and muscle-stimulating devices. 

The Theragun Pro Plus, which was launched in October as part of Therabdoy’s new lineup of massage guns, kept the same as its predecessor, at $599. But at such a steep price tag, is the Pro Plus worth it?

Athletech News put Therabody’s premium massage gun to the test. 


The Theragun Pro Plus really is all-in-one. It offers everything from infrared light therapy to vibration therapy, heat therapy, cold therapy and breathwork.

One of the best new features of the Theragun Pro Plus is that it uses both hot and cold therapy for recovery. In addition to its usual attachments (the standard ball, dampener, thumb, micro-point, and wedge), it includes a heated attachment that warms up to three temperatures: 113, 122, and 131 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 10 seconds. The cold attachment, which can be purchased for another $89, cools to 59, 50, and 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the same amount of time. The heat attachment, in particular, is a game-changer for muscle recovery.   

credit: Therabody

The Theragun Pro Plus also includes near-infrared light therapy, which has been increasing in popularity for recovery. It has been shown to improve muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. The light therapy is delivered through 13 LED lights on the bottom of the handle, and can be turned on and off. 

One of the Theragun Pro Plus’ great new features compared to the Pro (fifth Gen) model is the addition of vibration therapy. For sensitive areas or joint pain, vibration therapy may be more manageable compared to percussive therapy. This was an incredibly helpful tool for areas like the knees. 

The Therabody app has also undergone huge improvements in the last year. The TheraMind sound therapy feature is relaxing and soothing, and uses engaging animated visuals, unlike many guided meditations. It connects to the Pro Plus through the biometric sensors, which makes the device a more holistic tool for wellness. The app quickly connects to the Pro Plus and can switch between Therabody devices if you have multiple. 

Lastly, a simple but effective change for the Pro Plus was clearer labeling on the device’s carrying case. Now, the cases have accompanying images and text to clearly explain how best to use each attachment to optimize recovery. As education is important with such a complex tool, this change was incredibly helpful for day-to-day use. 

credit: Therabody

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Although the Theragun Pro Plus is likely one of the most advanced massage guns on the market, its steep price might be hard to stomach for many consumers. In addition, that the cold attachment is sold separately adds to the already-high cost for those wanting contrast therapy. 

The massage gun is also a fair amount heavier than its alternatives, at 3.63 pounds. The Pro is 2.86 pounds, while the Elite and Prime are only 2.20. For those who plan to use the massage gun on the go, this might be a potential downside. 

Final Thoughts

The Theragun Pro Plus might not be the best investment for massage-gun novices due to its price point. However, if you’re ready to bring your recovery game to the next level with breathwork, vibration therapy and contrast therapy, consider the splurge.

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