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Product of the Week: Is the Plunge All-In Worth its Premium Price Tag?

Product of the Week: Is the Plunge All-In Worth its Premium Price Tag?

Plunge’s new cold tub has easier setup, maintenance and improved cooling tech. But is it worth paying almost double the original?

The Plunge All-In has been a long-awaited launch in the world of cold therapy. At almost double the price of Plunge’s original cold tub, it is sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing and has new technological features. A truly premium cold plunge experience, the Plunge All-In is not for the casual plunger. 

Similar to the company’s other products, the All-In offers quick and easy setup, indoor and outdoor weather resistance, and does not have a plumbing requirement. It similarly has optional heating capabilities, although that comes at an extra cost ($9,590 versus $8,990 for the tub). 

Unlike other Plunge tubs, the All-In has smartphone connectivity, lower temperatures (it can cool to 37 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 39 degrees), and an easier maintenance system to change the filter. The All-In costs $8, 990 compared to the original Plunge, which currently goes for $4,990.

Athletech News tried out the Plunge All-In to see whether the cold therapy tub’s upgrades are worth its higher price tag. 


The tub’s new design is sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing than the original. It comes with an optional add-on of the Plunge basin for an easier entrance and exit from the tub that also collects overflow water. The design would make the tub blend seamlessly into both indoor and outdoor environments and in a variety of home styles. The integration of the chiller system into the tub (as opposed to the original, which stands outside and separate from the tub) makes the design sleeker. It also makes the chiller system more shielded from the elements if stored outside. 

credit: Plunge

The All-In is 30% quieter than the original tub and cools down to 37 degrees even in hot climates up to 120 degrees. Changing the filter can be done in seconds, and it comes with smartphone connectivity so the tub can be controlled from anywhere you have your phone. 

I had never done a cold plunge before testing Plunge’s All-In tub, and I tested it at around 50 degrees. For a newbie to cold water therapy, I found the temperature plenty cold and struggled to stay in the water for just a few minutes. I felt numbing pain in my extremities and practiced breathing exercises just to be able to remain in the water. For more seasoned plungers, the cooling technology of the new tub might be preferable and worth the extra price. 

credit: Plunge

I did feel the benefits of my cold plunge, despite my lack of experience with the therapy. Even though I tried the plunge in the evening, I felt more alert and had a deeper night of sleep afterward. It was an overall more difficult experience than I was expecting, so for those who struggle with self-discipline, integrating a plunge into your routine might not stick. However, if you can maintain such a practice, the therapy might have large payoffs for physical and mental health. 

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One major downside of the tub is its price. It’s around $4,000 more than the original tub—a cost that is for faster cooling, easier maintenance, slightly cooler temperatures and phone connectivity. 

The tub also comes in one color—white—and is made from durable fiberglass and acrylic with a reinforced metal base. For those seeking different color or design options, you won’t find it with the All-In. It’s also heavier than the other Plunge tubs, at 270 lbs. This makes moving the tub around after its initial placement difficult for most at-home users.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Plunge All-In could be the right investment for those who are seasoned plungers and desire easier maintenance and higher-tech cooling features. However, for those who are newer to cold water therapy, the original Plunge might be sufficient for $4,000 less with just a handful of fewer bells and whistles. 

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